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Decision on Monday

18.09.2011 | Tennis, Starseite 1

Roger levelled the Davis Cup encouter against Australia at 2-2 with a 6-2, 7-5, 3-6, 6-3 win over  Bernard Tomic today.

"It was tough conditions today, but I really had a pleasure coming down here and playing; we'll see how it all works out in the fifth rubber," said Roger after the mtach.

Now it is up to Stanislas Wawrinka - he took a 4-6, 6-4, 6-7(9) 6-4, 5-3 lead against Lleyton Hewitt when the match had to be stopped due to darkness. The decision was postponed to Monday.

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19.09.2011 | 06:29
Hi Rogerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr,

Here's some good food for thought : In the coming new year, I want you to hold all the grand slams in your hand!!!! Seems like a joke? No, it all depends how well you can improve your backhand & rallies, so that perfection will be your goal. Also, your forced errors should be tamed ! Good luck at the Shanghai Masters, practice well please !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
19.09.2011 | 05:25
Hey Champ, Congratulations to you, Stan & the entire Swiss team for the great effort (under tough conditions) in making to the World Group. Now we can watch you play in the World Group next year. Rest well and prepare for the rest of the season.
19.09.2011 | 04:23
Just saw the last break of Hew-Stan & just want to congrat you guys!!! you did amazing! I couldn't see the very end of Roger-Tomic but I was so happy to know Roger won!! wish you a very enjoyable rest or vacation!! you deserve it!! And hope to see u playing soon!! ;D
19.09.2011 | 04:19
part 3 - I am from Israel, come to help Mr. Wang as a volunteer, for as much as he will need, promising him to do my best.
Thank you very much for taking the time to read my letter.
Wish you all the best, Your big fun, Tamar Harel
My e-mail: tamar.hrl@gmail.com
19.09.2011 | 04:18
part 2 - I hope you will find it in your heart, to contribute just a little, in a form of an encouragement letter, with you signature, which I know for sure, will make a lot of difference & help us to "take off" our project in China. Green Sport is a NPO, a one-man dream and determination (himself a tennis player & coach), to help promote tennis to the people of China. Our web site www.green-npo.org.cn is in Chinese in the present time but we are working on it to be in English as well. I am from
19.09.2011 | 04:17
Dear Roger, Well done!
I think you got only the first part. If not, I will send it in two parts.
Dear Roger,
I hope my letter will find you in good health and spirit, and that Mirka & the girls are fine.Do not be upset of not reaching the finals, you won them all, the rest are trying hard to cutch up with you…..for many you are the best and don’t matter what the media says. I would like to introduce Green Sport to you, and as a person who gives to others, I hope you will find it in your he
19.09.2011 | 04:06
Congratulations from Australia!
And especially too, to Stan for his courageous fight against Hewitt. Sooo delighted you and your team won – you deserved it. Shame we had to wait overnight to play only 3 more minutes to finish the match.
So glad you played well against Tomic, that you have such a great all-round game to deal with him where others like Soderling couldn't.
Again – so relieved you and Stan won – 5th set, last match, amazing tension! I'll sleep better tonight!
19.09.2011 | 04:06
Great results Champ!!...congrats to the team!!....and the Aussies!!....take some good rest, and here comes Shanghai!!!....Best!!
19.09.2011 | 04:02
Hello Roger,
Congratulations to you and Stan and the Swiss team. It was an excellent tie with good tennis in a fair and sporty atmosphere as Davis Cup should be. Too bad for Lleyton and the Aussies that it had to end this way, but I think he was spent already yesterday. Too bad for everyone that the match couldn't be finished yesterday or wasn't stopped earlier by the umpire. I hope you now can enjoy a well earned holiday with your family and I hope to see you back in Shanghai in 3 weeks.
19.09.2011 | 03:58
Gooooood ROGER!!!!! Come on Stan!