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Roger soars into semis

22.11.2011 | Tennis, Starseite 1

Roger showed a master class performance today to defeat Rafael Nadal 6-3, 6-0 at the ATP World Tour Finals.

Roger outclassed Nadal thanks to a highly concentrated performance, showing his full repertoire in front of a thrilled crowd. The match started with both players holding serve - until Roger seemed in a world of his own after taking a 4-2 lead with a break. He had almost 90% of his first serves in in the first set! Roger showed no mercy in the second set, breaking Nadal three times and sealing his victory after precisely one hour.


Thanks to his victories against Tsonga and Nadal, Roger has secured place 1 or 2 in Group B and thus a spot in the semi-finals. He can play Thursday's match against Mardy Fish without any pressure.

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30.11.2011 | 05:04
After many days .... U played very confidently and played at highest level vs nadal...

So happy :) seeing ur best...
as u know when u are confident u can do anything
29.11.2011 | 00:09
I love you Roger Federer !
Long live the king ;) !!
27.11.2011 | 23:20
finally you found a way to beat nadal easy....keep beating him!!! improve h2h score against nadal!!! it would be easy for you since you know the way to beat him and he don't know...
27.11.2011 | 13:56
Had been longing to see your victory over Nadal and you made it! congratulations! Support you forever!
25.11.2011 | 22:00
In the match against Rafa your performance was really, really brilliant, wonderful, what can I say? I was so, so happy watching you playing at such high level, it was so amazing, I´m sure that you are going to win the masters again, so just be yourself and you´ll get it. Best wishes Roger and can´t wait to see you winning the masters again!
25.11.2011 | 20:45
great comeback roger, I am so delighted to see you perform like this again. No more "is roger done"? Go all the way in London and great 2012. Looking forward to seeing you @ Madison Square Garden in March.
24.11.2011 | 21:17
24.11.2011 | 18:57
Thank you **Tilou :D
Well Done **Roger :D
24.11.2011 | 17:37
Bravo for this awesome victory over Nadal, Roger!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It was delightful to watch!
24.11.2011 | 17:34
Was your clone who played the second set against Fish ...?
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