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Roger pulls out of semis

06.01.2012 | Tennis, Starseite 1

Dear Fans

Unfortunately, I had to take the decision to pull out of the semi-finals today in Doha. I had back spasms which I don’t want to aggravate. I am confident that with some treatment and exercise my back will recover fully.


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09.01.2012 | 17:06
I Know that was a decision difficult to leave of the semi-final because we know that you had many opportunities to remain a champion, But that the near tilt is more important and therefore you has to take care of you more.
I love youuuuuuuu
09.01.2012 | 16:59
love you Roger I wish good health


love mirabelle
09.01.2012 | 16:45
I would have loved to see you winning this tournament, doesn't matter health is more important than anything else, get well and be prepared to beat the top guns in
AO. I am sure you can do it
Wish you all the best
09.01.2012 | 16:14
Hi Roger
Wish you Health and Quick recovery !!!

I Had come all d way from India for the autograph session at Mubadala in Abu Dhabi. But due to long line I couldn't catch u up.

I just want to talk to you once before i die !!! Il keep on trying
09.01.2012 | 14:54
Roger, I wish you good health, and you will already take care for victories.
09.01.2012 | 14:21
Hi Rog,

Very good decision as the AO is nearing and no chance should be taken even if you are slightly in doubt. Praying all the time for your full fitness. PLEASE TAKE THE VERY BEST CARE ROG! Waiting to see your smiling face lifting the AO trophy! All the Very Best Dear!
09.01.2012 | 13:49
Roger esa es una sabia decisión, espero que puedas estar en pleno para que el Abierto de Australia. Yo quería verte ganar el 1er título de 2012 en Doha pero prefiero verte alzando la copa con el Grand Slam. Yo también tengo un par de mellisas Violeta y Valreria, te recomiendo que por estos días no las tengas al tiempo en tus brazos.....=) Creo firmemente que eres el Nº 1 por siempre y que tienes lo necesario para estar en el lugar más alto del ranking ATP. Saludos desde Colombia.
09.01.2012 | 13:48
The players federer should avoid
berdych, tsonga, del potro, gael monfils.. not that these players will beat him but they might take enough energy out of him... and of course heres hoping for Nadal vs federer semis AND NOT final...
09.01.2012 | 13:02
Hi roger

My wife and I had come from india to watch you play... Watching you play live is on my list of 10 things to doin my life before I die!!! We flew in for the semi finals and finals all the way fromindia. I was getting all excited before the match... Could not believe that I would finally get to see you live.... And then your announcement :-(. I was shattered.... But I guess you had to do it...maybe one day somewhere else ... Maybe in india?
09.01.2012 | 12:24
I think you made a hard decision in Doha.
I believe that you back to good physical condition and play a good game in the Australian Open.