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Roger pulls out of semis

06.01.2012 | Tennis, Starseite 1

Dear Fans

Unfortunately, I had to take the decision to pull out of the semi-finals today in Doha. I had back spasms which I don’t want to aggravate. I am confident that with some treatment and exercise my back will recover fully.


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08.01.2012 | 22:36
take care your self roger! you know better!! good luck to australian open ! hope your back be fine until then!!
all my love with you:)
08.01.2012 | 21:42
1-Hello my dearest, how are you? I'm so sorry this happened to you. It was so considerate of you to come out and talk to the audience, it was comforting to see you; you are so kind. Thank you for sharing with us.
08.01.2012 | 21:42
2-I understand you and support you 100% and I'm sure everyone else does too you are deeply love around the world. It was the best decision, your health always comes first, so don't worry. I'm sure too that your beautiful back will be ok very soon you can also try the hyperbaric therapy that is ideal to treat your back, think about it.
08.01.2012 | 21:42
3-I've been praying for your recovery and I wish you all the best, keep a positive mind at all times, send only good messages to your body, believe you will be perfectly healthy very soon.

I hope the pain in gone I get so worried when you suffer; I wish I could spare you from it somehow.

I want to take this opportunity to tell you how much I admire all the wonderful things you do to help the children in Africa and the youth in sports, you're amazing, congratulations!
08.01.2012 | 21:41
4-Just rest, relax and recover, don't worry about anything, everything will be fine, you'll see. Take care and stay peaceful.

I love you so much Roger…

Isabel. :)
08.01.2012 | 18:46
Roger i was in Pretoria and searched for a restaurant to watch your match, but i understand that health comes first. I am cheering for you all the way in the AO. Pls come play here in SA that we can also see you. Lief jou. Gaan Groot.
08.01.2012 | 18:09
Hello Roger,

It is very understandable for your fans that you didn't want to risk anything with the AO starting Monday week. I am sorry you couldn't defend your title, but there are more important prizes at stake. Stefan Edberg and Jo Wilfried Tsonga did a good job entertaining the spectators and Monfils was able to surprise Nadal, so it was a nice afternoon after all.
I wish you a good recuperation and a good preparation for Melbourne and I hope to see you back in good shape.

08.01.2012 | 18:05
Roger Champ, Health comes first, take good care and we'll be seeing you in Australia winning game after game!
08.01.2012 | 17:04
hi rog.neva mind.beat all u r opponents in oz n beat back man.pl win it focus on u r mistakes....plz plz get d oz open 2012 n d awesome prize money......d fans r wid u d world iz wid you.best of luck ,beat back n flood i wid gand slams and become d world no.1 again :] :} :> :)
love ya
u r world #1 fan
08.01.2012 | 16:36
Wishing you quick recovery ! I keep all my fingers ( incl. those on my feet :-) ) crossed for you to beat all the opponents in Australia !! You have still the best tennis abilities of all the top players, your physical condition is execellent as well. So it depends only on your head and concentration, so go for it harder than never before and you will get another grand slam victory as you and we want !! :-)) Give them hell and show them, who is THE KING :-)). RF-Fan(atic) :-) David