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Roger pulls out of semis

06.01.2012 | Tennis, Starseite 1

Dear Fans

Unfortunately, I had to take the decision to pull out of the semi-finals today in Doha. I had back spasms which I don’t want to aggravate. I am confident that with some treatment and exercise my back will recover fully.


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07.01.2012 | 15:03
Here we go, the feeding frenzy of the media. Roger has an injury, only the second time he has had to pull out of a tournement in his whole career. Must be because his aging body can not cope, how will it cope with Grand Slams? This is crazy. I note a lot of Rogers rivals often pull out with injuries, and they are younger! Surely Roger is permitted a twinge in his back now and again?! Nice to see you apologise and personally tell everyone you are pulling out Roger. You are a real Gent!
07.01.2012 | 15:01
Dear Roger, I hope you will feel better soon. Take care of yourself. We love you!!!
07.01.2012 | 14:45
It's all right, Roger.
Health is most important.
I hope the injury is not serious and that you will recover soon.
07.01.2012 | 14:45
Hi Roger!Well I'm sad because I was not able to watch your exciting matches.Well
other wise you took a good decision because if you will play you will not be able to
play in the Australian Open.
07.01.2012 | 14:14
oh i thought i could watch your match on tv because i could not get chance to watch your qatar open matches but it is very unfortunate to not see on the court sir.
07.01.2012 | 14:00
Hello Roger! It seems it was a preventive decision which is good. I see you are a mature player and you are focused in something most important as AO. From here, I encourage you for a great performance in AO to enjoy your wondrous play.
(This is my first message and I look forward to this message gives you good luck)
07.01.2012 | 13:46
I thought that match against Seppi was a bit odd; this explains it. You definitely made the right decision to pull out and rest your back: I hope there's enough time for you to get it right. Looking forward to seeing your impeccable and wondrous play in Australia. Love as always, xxxxxx
07.01.2012 | 13:37
Could the CVAC Pod help with your recovery with your back ? There are only 20 of these in existence. Get well soon. Sending good thoughts. With you always.
07.01.2012 | 13:33
heyya rog!!!!!!!! no worries man.....as long as ur fit n fine 4 AO!!!!!!!!!:) take lots of rest n v will cya sooooooooon at AO....smackin everyone's asses!!!!!!!!:):D
loadzzzzzzzzzzzzzza luck rog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!<3:)
LUV YA INFINITELY!!!!!!!!!!<3<3<3<3
07.01.2012 | 12:40
just nail them in A.O roger