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13.01.2012 | Off Court

Wer wird an der 100. Austragung des Australian Open den Sieg nach Hause tragen?

Laut einer online-Umfrage auf der offiziellen Website des Turniers, www.australianopen.com, sehen 45% der Besucher Roger als Favorit. Titelverteidiger Novak Djokovic schafft es mit 26% der Stimmen auf Platz 2 und Rafa Nadal mit deren 20% auf den dritten Rang.


Clicke hier, um ebenfalls an der Umfrage teilzunehmen (nur bis Sonntag).

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14.01.2012 | 09:31
Also i really believe in your victory in Melborn. You have the best tennis that there is. And Roger iI have read the following:

Roger Federer: Great expectations for the year 2012

“The friendly lion has a promising year before him. A strong Mars will inspire
14.01.2012 | 09:27
streak over long distances. Professional success and private happiness are safe to him.
Even if it is in between sporadic hardening, should succeed 2012 much the successful Basler. The stars confirm that the family is not too short. His Virgin ascendant gives him not only the discrete, natural charm, but also the determination, to organize their tasks and life
14.01.2012 | 09:26
just fine and serious to pull through. Reliability is an affair of honour for him, 2012 promises many golden highlights even if it will be not always easy to coordinate vocational and private.”

Dear Roger, That the constellation of the stars can affect our world (us), I think, and perhaps that can encourage even you in your will and faith to a perfect tennis year. Belief simply on your brilliant game, your skills and you will win.

I and millions of fans are always behind you. We love yo