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Documentary Series: Growing |Up in Malawi

13.01.2012 | Foundation

The Roger Federer Foundation is involved in early childhood education projects in Malawi. In a documentary series, Credit Suisse provides regular updates on three of the children and other aspects, including how the initiative is progressing.

Early childhood education is a top priority for the Roger Federer Foundation. Together with the ActionAid NGOs, the foundation has set up a broad-based initiative in Malawi to promote early childhood education. Over a period of ten years, the aim is for around 54,000 children to benefit, preparing them for school and therefore giving them a better start in life.

Having played a major role in setting up the initiative, Credit Suisse is producing a documentary series called "Growing Up in Malawi" to provide regular updates on the foundation's work in Malawi. The series will feature five people who are directly involved in the project: three local children – Dorothee, Tito, and Joanna; Hanex Kapingasa and Christofer Kilines, two of the carers; and Chalizamudzi Matola, a representative of ActionAid Malawi. 

Watch the trailer now or visit the Credit Suisse website!

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