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Making of Jura Video

22.04.2012 |

Looking forward to the JURA commercial. Have a look at the making-of. Will show you the final result on Tuesday.

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23.04.2012 | 19:00
It takes quite quite a bit of work to make these videos/commercials. Roger, you are so patient, gracious, and cooperative that it's a marvel. It's the same with tennis, and without you, the sport has not that excitement and the fire--things are flatter, with a lot of baseline bashing.
Look forward to your play! My God! No One Like You!
23.04.2012 | 16:06
those black pants look really good on you
can't wait to see the full advert.
23.04.2012 | 15:36
MMMM, loved it. I must look for Jura. Adverts by Roger work!!!
23.04.2012 | 15:06
Swiss PeRFection like you Rog!!
Waiting anxious to see you in Madrid my Love
Tons of love
23.04.2012 | 15:01
Very nice Rogi. Thank you for the video. ♥
23.04.2012 | 13:43
Looks very cool (as always Mr. F), can't wait to see the final product!
23.04.2012 | 10:59
can't wait 2 see the final commercial :-*
23.04.2012 | 10:31
Very nice commercial!!! The next matches wait!!!
23.04.2012 | 05:26
Hi, Ramcharan, thank you for your sharing my feeling towards RN. Yes, his injuries is so "special" and that he only shows his gamemanship and not as our Champ always show, sportsmanship to which we all express our greatest respect.
23.04.2012 | 04:35
Hope see you in action soon...
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