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Roger rushes into round 2

28.05.2012 | Tennis, Starseite 1

Roger started his 50th straight major by defeating Germany's Tomas Kamke (ATP 78) 6-2, 7-5, 6-3 at the French Open today - equalling Jimmy Connors' record of 233 Grand Slam match victories!

"I get a great deal of pleasure playing here. When I play well, the numbers come with me. It's great to have played and won here so often. I hope it continues," Roger said.

Roger scored three out of four break points in the opening set and continued well, securing the important points. He was always in charge, but nevertheless accumuluated over 40 unforced errors and missed several rather certain opportunities. He never got into danger, though, and wrapped up the match after 117 minutes on a sixth match point.

Roger will next face Adrian Ungur (ATP 92) of Romania who eliminated David Nalbandian in four sets.

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29.05.2012 | 13:32
Well done Roger, it was a good start.. Hope, u have a better match 2mo...

Just now saw pics of Lovely Federer Twins little angels on this link... God bless them..

29.05.2012 | 12:32
roger you are a great player we all will always support u just trust your self and know that you have a great and big fams behind u <3
29.05.2012 | 12:17
Congratulations on equalling Connors' record! Best of luck against Ungur tomorrow.
29.05.2012 | 12:07
Congrats !... on your win in the 1st round. Hope you play with more sublime in the next round and few unforced errors. Be swift, precise and tactical in your play. Best of luck for the next match.

Best Regards,
29.05.2012 | 11:55
Dear Rogerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr,

One more thing. You better adjust your shot speed, there is no time for tuning on the court, so you better practice well, and hit accurate fire power shots, and Listen, don't return & FEED LOOSE BALLS to your opponents who (Djokovic, Nadal) fire back at you. That's what ruins your game.
29.05.2012 | 11:49
Dear Rogerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr,

When one loves a player, as much as we love you, we only get more & more worried about your success. Lately, you have proved that you are the greatest player ever to play this sport at this age of 30, but now, you have reached the highest mountain ever - Roland Garros. If you win this time, you will be considered as good as number one! So, you better win this tournament, but concentrate on every moment of your game. Those unforced errors are NOT ACCEPTABLE
29.05.2012 | 11:49
Good luck for the next match!
Best of luck!
29.05.2012 | 11:05
great record roger ..we are happy for you.. but please reduce this unforced errors ... take advantage of this match points...please please roger
29.05.2012 | 09:47
Dearest Roger,

Congratulations for this great record! 50th straight major and tieing Jimmy Connors' record of 233 Grand Slam match victories. You are like Iron Man, but also how beautiful you play! You are someone so special on and off the court. Please stay healthy and continue to play as long as possible.
Best of luck in the 2nd round.
All my love,
29.05.2012 | 09:26
Congrats Roger.
All the best in the next match... :)