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Out against Djokovic

08.06.2012 | Tennis, Starseite 1

Roger suffered a 4-6, 5-7, 3-6 loss against Novak Djokovic in the semi-final of the French Open today.

"I was actually feeling particularly well in the second set, and that one hurts the most to lose," Roger said. "In the third, I don't know, I just wasn't able to put a good game together anymore. You're down two sets to nothing against Novak and it's not the same match anymore. He goes for broke and has no fear and that's about it."

Roger had a good start by breaking Djokovic early in the first set but receiving the re-break in return. Djokovic secured the first set with yet another break. In the second, Roger broke Djokovic again for a 3-0 lead but the world no. 1 took 13 of the next 18 games, constantly putting Roger under pressure. In the third set, Djokovic piled up four breaks to eventually seal his victory after 2:05 hours. 

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11.06.2012 | 20:39
Come ON, boys !!

Can't you see the writing on the wall ?!
Djok is NOT the enemy - Rog WILL take him in Wimbledon - no doubt!

But Rafa is the worm in Roger's heart - I only comment on his tennis - his tennis has Rog's number.

Rog can take Djok - but Rafa's the guy who's got to go down, not Djok.
3 times at least Rog met him in RG, thrice Rog got f...'d over - look at last year's RG.Did you see Rog's face?

My only hope is for Djok to beat Nadal in semi and lose to Rog in any final
11.06.2012 | 20:28
Your fans are loyal, but naive and stupid. Nadal is at 11 at will very soon catch or pass your record. He is a lock at the French for a few more years and also a good bet at Wimbledon. Better for Djoker to beat him. How can your fans say they play boring. They play to win. Grace and class don't win tournaments and that's what counts!!!
11.06.2012 | 20:19
We all love and care for Roger in our own different ways! We're not here to compete with one another- who loves Roger more, who knows him better, who knows what is best for him or who is following Roger for how much longer period of time. We're all here to support our Champ in every way and stay with him in adversity and misfortune, success and luck! We're on the same boat here.
11.06.2012 | 20:03
One last comment Yukimi before they ditch this site. Obviously it would be nice if Roger was seeded No.2 - he would be closer to that No.1 spot we all want for him! Being No.2 may get him an easier draw at the end but it doesn't necessary follow. All I said was that Wimbledon was different and had Rafa lost it would have made no difference to Roger's seeding at Wimbledon. If wishes could vault him to No.1 Rog would be there now! But wishing don't make it. He has to WIN and he WILL.
11.06.2012 | 20:01
IMO, winning GSs is important, but not so by avoiding playing Top players like Novak or Rafa. Beating Rafa and Novak in GSs is no less satisfying than winning GSs defeating lesser ones. Prevailing over the present No1 and No2 sends a clear message to all especially his critics who's the greatest of all! Also beating Novak and Rafa is a huge confidence booster for our Champ who is very much capable of beating them in his favourite courts!
11.06.2012 | 19:08
Thank God. Dyokovic lost. He is hungry now and has to wait for another year. The whole family of Dyokovic is not a happy camper.
11.06.2012 | 18:03
Roger never play Nole at Grass before, but Roger have the game to defeat world no.1 Nole at Wimbledon if he meet Nole at Wimbledon semi if Roger at his best
11.06.2012 | 17:54
Come on you guys !!!

I was one of the first here to say a few years ago that Roger would win at last 20 GSs, reclaim No.1 and include the 2016 Brazil olympics in his stellar career.

So you know , I believe 100% in Roger - I know you do also BUT HE STILL NEEDS KINDER DRAWS. NO.2 WILL GET HIM KINDER DRAWS. Get it?

No.2 Nadal only faced nobody Ferrer/murray in Semi while Roger faced No.1.

No difference!?! Where have you all been the past ten years?

Get with it :-)

11.06.2012 | 17:26
Well done Rafa in crushing Novak in RG! Our Champ RF's legacy intact! Green green grass of Wimbledon awaits you Roger!
11.06.2012 | 17:17
I wish is for Nadal to win FO/RG, so that Roger Legacy can be preserve where roger himself never hold all 4 GS trophy together. If Roger is world no. 2 aftter Nole beat Nadal, Roger will not face nole at semi except he have to face Nadal or Murray at Semi depending on the draw. If Roger is seeded no.3, he will not face murray at semi & will either face nole or nadal in semi, so seeded 2 or 3 make no difference, since nadal, nole & murray is equally good at glass court.