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Quarters in Halle

14.06.2012 | Tennis, Starseite 1

Roger made a good start into the Gerry Weber Open by defeating Florian Mayer 6-4, 7-5 in just 74 minutes today.

"I'm very happy with the way things went today. I obviously knew playing against Mayer in the first round was going to be tricky," he said.

Roger showed solid tennis today, having to defend just one single breakball - with a service winner. He will meet Milos Raonic (ATP 21) in the quarter-finals. It is already the third time this year that the two meet, Roger won both previous encounters, but dropped a set in each of them.

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15.06.2012 | 00:19
Congratulations, Rog. Good luck in the QFs.
15.06.2012 | 00:14
Very good work Rog. Tomorrow you will win in a two straight sets.
15.06.2012 | 00:09
Good start Roger. Be careful and focused with Raonic; that guy has a terrific serve but I know you can manage it. Wish you all the best.
15.06.2012 | 00:07
Good work, Roger. You can still win in the smaller tournaments. If Wozniacki can reach number one without doing well in the majors, maybe you can too. You may want to stop wasting so much energy on the majors which are probably out of your reach at this point. Go, Roger!!
14.06.2012 | 23:56
congratulations, Rog . I still believe that you are the best player ever , and I belive you can win grandslams, but before this you can win Gerry Weber Open.
14.06.2012 | 23:52
Good luck tomorrow, Roger!!!
14.06.2012 | 23:35
Sorry ABIRIEN1 :) ,
and of course, well played Roger.
14.06.2012 | 23:30
Mister peter u ve picked my first place it took me the time of loging in .
Go champ this grass tournements are for u
14.06.2012 | 23:28
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