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Roger reflects on Wimbledon triumph

10.07.2012 | Off Court, Starseite 1

Watch the video of ATP World Tour Uncovered where Roger looks back on his time at Wimbledon.

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27.10.2012 | 17:40
You are so great Roger!!!!!!!!!! Good Luck in your next Tournament!
13.08.2012 | 22:45
You are the greatest tennis player ever! Good luch in Cinncinati and the us open!

Best wishes,
09.08.2012 | 05:51
Happy Birthday! You are the best!
24.07.2012 | 14:58
Congratulation!!! You are great man, help people of the world.... I'm rooting for you, we are together and together we can more... I wait you here Brazil... UP Next and big hug!!!
17.07.2012 | 10:17
The best of the bests, that´s RF, congratulations.
16.07.2012 | 07:47
Congrats Roger..........

Just now, read this great poem paying tribute to Roger Federer on breaking Pete sampras record of 286 weeks at ATP No. 1 & thus, achieving one of his biggest dream #RF287 -

16.07.2012 | 05:57
Congratulations! Absolutely brilliant and well deserved. Best wishes from Ontario, Canada.
16.07.2012 | 05:47
you are awesome
the True Champion!
16.07.2012 | 02:30
Hey Champ, Congratulations for the 287 weeks!!! You did it! Now you lead the total No1 weeks, consecutive No1 weeks, GS titles and Year-End titles. I hope you are resting well and gearing up for the Olympics. Now don't get complacent like in 2010. I don't mean you work hard like crazy but be aware of the potential dangers from your rivals. Anyway since the main pressure (No1 & 7th Wimby) is off, now you can focus on your H2H with Nadal for the next few years, the 8th Wimby and the 20 GS titles.
15.07.2012 | 23:36
So, finally the secret of what's in the box is out :)...

Just now saw all the pics & the entire story about the limited edition #RF287 (Roger Federer 287) RF 287 @NikeTennis 's shoe ---

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