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Roger reflects on Wimbledon triumph

10.07.2012 | Off Court, Starseite 1

Watch the video of ATP World Tour Uncovered where Roger looks back on his time at Wimbledon.

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15.07.2012 | 20:12
It's nice how down to earth and relaxed he is and yet he has such passion. :)
15.07.2012 | 15:17
Just now, read about the box & the celebrations planned for the day & week as Roger Federer breaks the 286 weeks ATP No. 1 record set by Pete Sampras by becoming No. 1 for 287 weeks ---


Enjoy it, champ, you deserve it :)))
15.07.2012 | 06:31
Men’s Singles South African Airways ATP Ranking Points for Olympic

Gold Medal 750
Silver Medal 450
Bronze Medal 340
Loser 3rd/4th 270
Quarterfinals 135
Round of 16 70
Round of 32 35
1st round 5
14.07.2012 | 22:58
as always well said, Margaret! (AKA HUGHSIE***)
14.07.2012 | 15:40
You are and always will be THE GOAT! Thank you so much for continuing to believe in yourself when all about you were preparing for your retirement. I'm so thrilled! Love it when you prove them wrong - time after time, after time! You ARE the G.O.A.T! Brilliant tennis against Djokovic, too! I'm looking forward to seeing you in The Olympics, though how they'll get the courts back in shape in time is a mystery to me. Are you going to play doubles with Stan, as well?
14.07.2012 | 10:37
Oh , I forgot the Olympics. Will be watching and hoping.
14.07.2012 | 10:35
Darling Boy
To me you are an honorary Brit. You speak the language so well, as well as all the other languages you have learnt. So talented, so handsome ,so athletic, such an all round wonderful human being. Best of luck at the ATP World Tour Finals, not that you need luck with your talent.
Love and Best Wishes to you and your beautiful girls
14.07.2012 | 03:23
and and regaining the no 1 spot--no-one deserves it more than you.
Congratulations to your 2 coaches and the whole RF team.
We enjoyed seeing your twin daughters at the trophy ceremony--lovely age!
What a very proud and happy day for the whole family [and everyone else]

I hope that you enjoy your weeks recreation and we look forward to the Olympics
in a couple of weeks.
Kindest regards
Margaret a very proud chronic fan.
14.07.2012 | 03:17
You have every shot for every surface and situation eg blue clay in Madrid! You switch tactics with the flick of that magic wrist of yours. No other player can claim or do the above. Hand, eye coordination relexes and movement are second to none.
Your will,intellect and great LOVE for playing and for tennis is unique.
Above all Roger Federer is a genius who has played & continues to play with extraordinary consistency.
My heartiest congratulations for winning 7th Wimbledon title
14.07.2012 | 03:02
Hello Roger
Thank you for the video
My apologies for the delay in congratulating you on the most wonderful Wimbledon win last Sunday--thousands and I mean thousands including media, fans on RF site, commentators were proved wrong--may they enjoy eating large humble pies INCLUDING at least 2 Aussie comms.-WM & RR.
We thought that the 2012 Wimbledon final was one of the best that we have watched for several years--Roger you are simply peerless ,particularly on grass where you are masterclass