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Roger reflects on Wimbledon triumph

10.07.2012 | Off Court, Starseite 1

Watch the video of ATP World Tour Uncovered where Roger looks back on his time at Wimbledon.

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10.07.2012 | 13:51
You are such a gentleman and you are a true ambassedor for this sport.
The video is great keep it up
10.07.2012 | 13:31
This video is amazing, it made me cry...Wimbledon is such a special tournament and you are the greatest champion of all time. Congratulations and good luck for the Olympic games!
10.07.2012 | 13:28
Congrats King for winning 17th title and regaining number 1 spot that only belongs to u..............
Forever yours
10.07.2012 | 13:27
Congrats King for winning 17th title and regaining number 1 spot that only belongs to u..............
10.07.2012 | 13:16
Dearest Roger:

Though I did not watch the match, I could imagine how sweet it was when the big moment came. I am still so glad and excited for this unbelievable achievement. You are a great champ and you are the best. Wish you good luck in the Olympics and the US OPEN!!!!!!!
Yours Sincerely,
10.07.2012 | 12:18
Wonderful! The video gave me so much emotions and inspiration. You're the greatest of them all my hero! congratulations for being who you are, a great champ and an amazing person! Thank you for lighting up my world.. Thank you for everything! Keep up the good work and may God bless you. Looking forward to another unbelievable achievements and victories! I love you so much my idol..
Forever yours Zahraa
10.07.2012 | 11:54
A lovely video for our wonderful Roger. You are the best. We love you.
Good luck in the Olympics
10.07.2012 | 11:24
love to see u play and win, but love listening to more. u r a great person as well. keep it up. see u in the US. MAKE IT UR 18th.
10.07.2012 | 11:17
Wow Roger... A very nice video for the best tennis player ever... You are a great person and athlete Roger. Keep it up please and let us enjoy seeing you winning more and more and more... Congratulations champ for all of these achievments and we are really looking forward for much more as you have no limits for that...
Lots of love and enjoy your vacations till the olympics.
10.07.2012 | 11:08
Our champ looking gorgeous. A lovely video as a tribute to the achievements of Rogers career and what we hope we will see plenty more of.
Loads of Love
Christine xxxxxxxxx