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Roger reflects on Wimbledon triumph

10.07.2012 | Off Court, Starseite 1

Watch the video of ATP World Tour Uncovered where Roger looks back on his time at Wimbledon.

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11.07.2012 | 15:52
Dear Roger,

Simply the best! Enjoy your victory!!! Good luck at the Olympics and I'll be cheering for you as always! :)

Your biggest fan,

11.07.2012 | 15:30
Congratulations on your great victory at Wimbledon.You are just amazing, Roger!
11.07.2012 | 14:23
so so happy for you the best #1 in history ... love you alwayes stand with you .. my dream is live to see you
11.07.2012 | 14:02
Roger, thank you for all the pleasure that you have given and will continue to give your fans throughout your career and doubtless afterwards. You touch so many lives beneficially. You are so special in so many ways.
11.07.2012 | 13:16
roger..just got my WSJ this morning and I love the rolex full page ad congratulating you on the Wimbledon win...you look amazing in the picture and so happy, as we all are for you!
Have a great vacation with your family and enjoy being back where you always belonged in the #1 ranking!
11.07.2012 | 12:58
Roger, Thanks for a great tounament and a wonderful performance in the final. It is lovely to see you win another grand slam. Congratulations!
11.07.2012 | 12:43
You are and will be the best ever!!!
Congratulations Maestro!!!
11.07.2012 | 12:42
You are and will be the best ever !!!
Ingratulations Maestro!!!
11.07.2012 | 12:00
This is Roger. This is Federer. love you forever.
11.07.2012 | 06:38
Roger, I am still celebrating your victory, I am thinking all the time about It. I have read you still don't know if you are going to hold the flag of your country at the Olympic Games. Who else beter than you??? You are a glory of the whole world, not only in Switzerland. God bless you!!!