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Challenge Roger on iPad or |iPhone

06.11.2012 | Off Court, Starseite 1

"Roger Federer’s Tennis Challenge" – that's the name of the iPhone and iPad tennis game that Credit Suisse has launched in its app Les Amis du Credit Suisse. Each week, between November 5 and December 2, the best and most active players have the chance to win a prize autographed by Roger. Additionally, ten caps will also be distributed among all contestants when the contest ends.

Here you can download the app.

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08.01.2013 | 15:11
Toujours gagnant au tennis ou IPad ou IPhone avec RODGEUR
08.01.2013 | 15:06
Toujours gagnant au tennis ou IPad ou IPhone avec RODGEUR
10.12.2012 | 14:52
10.12.2012 | 14:52
29.11.2012 | 19:37
Roger, the God's Boy! You can touch a Racket or the ipad "you are the winner". Tennis can have more and more players coming in but you are an Angel and Ace and... No words to describe
29.11.2012 | 15:44
i cant find it on app store
where is it
28.11.2012 | 19:39
im so gettin that duudee
09.11.2012 | 00:37
☆Pretty cool, but it's hard to play so well and perfect as Roger!!! ☆

08.11.2012 | 18:11
I have been playing it on my iPod Touch. So far I have always won in straight sets! :D but if I miss a ball and Roger says "come on, focus!" I always say "sorry, Roger!" :D
08.11.2012 | 09:09
so gorgeous, dear Roger
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