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Chocolate heaven

17.07.2014 | Off Court, Starseite 1

My secret challenge with Lindsey...

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02.08.2014 | 01:24
(Meantime in Washington Pospisil beat the number 1 seed, Berdych!)
01.08.2014 | 23:27
Roger's probable opponents here: Janowicz, Cilic, Ferrer/Isner, Berdych/Raonic, Nole/Murray/Stan/Dimitrov..
01.08.2014 | 22:53
QF projections per seeding: Nole-Murray, Stan-Dimitrov, Berdych-Raonic, Roger-Ferrer.. But I think Roger may face Janowicz in his first match..
01.08.2014 | 22:53
Great pictures :))

Excited for this to start and see our man in action...i think he has a good draw.

Gooooo Rog!!!!!
01.08.2014 | 22:36
The draw in Toronta is underway.. Top half Nole-Stan, bottom half Roger-Berdych..
01.08.2014 | 20:11
More photos of Roger practising - https://twitter.com/lisawawrinka
01.08.2014 | 19:43
No it's okay Balsted, honestly. These photos are official ones of the girls. I just wish he would have official ones of the little boys!
01.08.2014 | 19:32
Yes I had this suspicion also. But the photo-text told "boys" on Google! And how can you telle from looking at babe-faces...BUT googling the girls' names, this same Photo also comes up. So I was mistaken, sorry.
01.08.2014 | 19:22
No no Balsted. These photos are the girls ..... zzz
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