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The secret’s finally out!

30.11.2012 | Off Court

It’s official: I’m the new ambassador for Moët & Chandon.
Yes, the secret’s finally out! I am teaming with Moët & Chandon as their new brand ambassador. Not just any champagne but the world’s most loved. This is a real honour, and as a partnership, I see it as a natural match. The House of Moët & Chandon is an absolute legend, one of the most iconic symbols of global success and style.  
We immortalized this celebratory moment with the camera of the amazing photographer Patrick Demarchelier. I must have been shot so many times before, but I think you’ll agree these pictures are exceptional. The way Patrick has captured my movement is phenomenal. 
I look forward to toasting with you my upcoming victories! 


You can watch the interview with Roger here.


See photos on moet.com (plus more to come!)


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01.12.2012 | 04:33
Only too suitable, Roger Federer, for Moet & Chandon! Yes, they are the "gold" standard" and the "hallmark of the outstanding": yet it is an honour for them, in my judgment, go have you, the absolutely unique, be their ambassador.
Congratulations, Chandon & Moet, and Patrick Demarcelier for his creative "mind's-eye" photography, and to you Roger! An outstanding pairing of product and ambassador!
01.12.2012 | 03:07
1-Oh Goodness Roger!!! You look out of this world incredibly handsome. I fainted! ;) Can't wait for the pictures! (*´∇`*)♡

Congratulations dearest, all my best wishes for this new collaboration, kind of saw it coming, now you'll have the best champagne supply for a life time.
01.12.2012 | 03:06
2-And special congratulations to Moët now they have the Absolute Greatest by their side, very cleaver. Never to mention the most handsome man in the world, with the greatest talent and intelligence, they are way too lucky to have your amazing personality working along them.
01.12.2012 | 03:06
3-And are you kidding me, pressure?! No way Roger, no pressure at all, make this fun, why pressure? Just be yourself. That is much more than enough, take it easy, you have no one to please and you don't have or need to please nobody! Really.
01.12.2012 | 03:06
4-Don't worry, you have our unconditional support no matter what, you have our support and love in spite, beyond and above all of this around you, that has nothing to do with our love respect and admiration for you, you are only human Roger and so I love you, you don't have to be perfect, you are perfect just the way you are, remember that and be free.

By the way is that your handwriting on the picture? Pretty. :)
01.12.2012 | 03:06
Congratulations!!!!! This is a peRFect match. I´ve just heard a colombian radio interview where they asked, if you would like to be a model and the answer was no. NO???? why not???? you´d be a top model!!!! You are more than handsome...... classy, elegant, charming,.... and much more. You look owesome!!!!! lol
01.12.2012 | 03:06
5-This is great now you'll shot some nice videos with them I look forward to that. Maybe I shouldn't say this but honestly I don't drink at all, never had and even with this I'm not intending to, but anyway cheers to your success and more to come! And if I have to give someone a present only for you I'll keep Moët in mind.

Thanks for sharing beautiful wonderful Roger! You are so nice. Take care and be happy. See you soon.

I love you so much!!!...
:D xoxoxoxoxoxo
01.12.2012 | 02:30
Great! You are awesome and you look good!
Best Wishes!
01.12.2012 | 01:29
You Look Awesome Roger :D
01.12.2012 | 01:27
Wow! I love champagne, not as much as I love Roger though. I will not drink any other brand from now on... congrats Roger and cheers!