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Laureus Sports Awards

11.05.2005 | Off Court

“This kind of foundation restores children’s hope“ Stop-over in Estoril and the Laureus World Sports Award: Roger Federer delighted about World Sportsman nomination


Basel, 10 May 2005 One date between the Tennis Masters in Hamburg and the Grand Slam Tournament in Paris has been highlighted more noticeably than the rest in the agenda of Roger Federer May 16th, Whit Monday. On this day, the worlds number one will be stopping over in the Portuguese town of Estoril on the occasion of the Laureus World Sports Award. There are outstanding tournaments and there are outstanding events in both cases, I feel very honoured to attend , said the celebrity from Basel in Switzerland.


Alongside other sportsmen such as Lance Armstrong and Michael Schumacher, Federer has been nominated for the so-called Sports Oscar, the award of the title World Sportsman of the Year. And Federer is looking forward to travelling to Portugal, because he realises that, as he puts it, the Laureus World Sports Award really is unique after all, it is awarded by a jury which includes a number of sports legends. Be it Michael Jordan, Pelé, Franz Beckenbauer or Boris Becker. I consider it a great honour to be nominated once again.


Great sportsmen pay tribute to great sportsmen one reason for Federer. The other one is the social aspect of the event. Behind the Laureus World Sports Award is a foundation which supports children in need throughout the world. I fully support this kind of foundation, as it restores the childrens substantiated hope for a better future. The 23-year-old knows what he is talking about the Roger Federer Foundationestablished a year ago funds amongst others projects which support needy children and youths in South Africa.


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