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07.07.2005 | Off Court

Dear fans -


What an amazing period of time! These last days have been like one big dream, going from one terrific moment to the next. After my victory in Wimbledon I spent two hours with the largest sports media giving interviews. On Monday morning, after about 2 hours sleep, I was all over the breakfast shows and news bulletins and also did a round-table interview with the print media. And after the huge, enthusiastic welcome in Basel I am now finally lying on the beach, relaxing and digesting these last days, Wimbledon and the first half year. What a feeling!

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30.11.2005 | 15:17
What days, Roger. All media and all your fans are very interested in you, what you think, what you feel, and much more. But finally you get relax, and you can remember the great moments in this first half year. Relax please, and then think in next tournam