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Foundation: fieldtrip Zambia

28.08.2014 | Starseite 2, Foundation
I invite you to accompany the CEO of the Foundation, Janine Händel, on one of her fieldtrips to Zambia, visiting several community schools that are part of our programs. Such a visit includes not only the inspection of the progress made in the classrooms, but long meetings and discussions with the leaders of the villages about the achievements and challenges they face. I've personally had the opportunity to be part of these kinds of field visits in the past and I can speak from experience in telling you that it is an overwhelming opportunity to feel the commitment of these communities and to see the substantial changes you are able to reach with the proper approach. There is no greater motivation for our engagement than seeing these children learning, playing, exercising, and interacting.
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28.08.2014 | 22:36
Beautyful. Thank you very much
28.08.2014 | 17:22
♥ The Foundation's work transforms the lives of so many children, the education they receive, forever changes their lives, the world becomes a more humane and happy with real and concrete achievements of noble hearts. It's beautiful and exciting to see the kids happy with education, recreation, a better and dignified life. Thanks for the great example, also a motivation and an inspiration to more people around the world can do the same and make the world a much better and peaceful place! ♥