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Roger marches into quarters

25.02.2015 | Tennis, Starseite 1

Roger moved into the quarter-finals of Dubai, defeating Fernando Verdasco  6-4, 6-3.


“I'm very happy how the match went. I think it was a good quality match from my side. I think Fernando played well for spells, but I think I was quite consistent," Roger said.

Roger had to fight back in the first set from 1-4 down. But Roger stepped it up, winning five straight love service games to eventually take the opener. He was successful on 83% of his first service points to make it to the quarters.  There he will meet Richard Gasquet ( ATP 27).



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27.02.2015 | 09:36
Roger is right about coric. He plays better with better players. He beat jaziri, baghdatis, and murray. Before that, he lost in qualies to fabrice Martin ranked atp #350. Never ranked higher than #228. So he is a future star just inconsistent right now. That is to be expected at age 18. We have baby fed in dimitrov. Now we have baby djokovic I guess. Roger and djokovic both say he plays like djokovic. Good luck to Roger. If he is himself there will be no problem winning. Goooooo Roger!!!
27.02.2015 | 09:33
Dear Roger
I hope you are healthy and fit for your next opponent! It will be a tough match, but I believe in you!
Wish you all the best and good luck, dearest Roger!
Go, Roger, goooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!
Love, Mimi
27.02.2015 | 09:14
1FED1 - cont.
This was the case with Thiem. Kyrgios, now Coric (some years ago with Janowicz, who came from nothing and reached the Paris Masters final - now oscillating about rank 50, which is for now the right place for him). Of course olf foxes have also the ability to learn quickly. But from time to time it's then too late for a single match (as it was yesterday for Murray). Roger is warned :) But if Roger plays his best, it's irrelevant, who is on the other side of the net :)
27.02.2015 | 09:12
I agree with you %100.
27.02.2015 | 09:11
1FED1 - of course is one of many youngsters, beeing talented, but according to my experience (observations), the first unexpected successes are not the right measure of what can happen in the future. Media are overexcited in such cases, which is normal.
The problem for old foxes with such youngsters is, they have watched them as "idols" over many years and they know, what to expect and how to play. Old foxes never played and never watched the newcomers, until one day a spectatular defeat occurs
27.02.2015 | 09:05
MUGED - I have watched this match too. Marsel was fighting, done well, more was simply not possible. But he is going ahead. Hope, he will now have more courage, after having played in quarters of a big tournament against No. 1 on a big arena with full crowd :)
27.02.2015 | 09:02
BREAKING NEWS - ROGER MARCHES INTO QUARTERS (dear webmaster), which means Roger ist now marching backwards, ha, ha, ha ... The best and most actual sports website in the world. Just right for a GOAT. Hurrrah!!!!
27.02.2015 | 08:57
DEAR MAESTRO! Have fun and enjoy tennis-dance around this afternoon again! Best of luck!
27.02.2015 | 08:30
You need to move well and go for the kill against Coric from start to end, please go for it ,you will beat him today
27.02.2015 | 07:41
Günaydın / Good Morning to Everyone,
Yesterday, I watched Marsel Ilhan vs Novak Djokovic quarter-final match. I am proud of Marsel and wish him sucess for the future. Good luck for the 2015 season. Today, it is a semi-final day. Great !
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