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Roger eases into round four

23.03.2014 | Tennis, Starseite 1

Roger has made it into round four in Miami thanks to a comfortable 6-3, 6-3 win over Thiemo de Bakker today.

Roger managed an early break in the opening set which gave him the necessary lead to take the set 6-3. With a break in the opening game of the second set, he then moved on without any trouble to defeat de Bakker after 63 minutes after a third break.

Next up in Miami is Richard Gasquet (ATP 9) on Tuesday, Roger leads the head-to-head 11-2.

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25.03.2014 | 21:49
Stan taken second set, one set all. Come on Stan, Win!
Yippee! Again, the Murray match is over. Perhaps they will go over to Stan now for some decent tennis while we wait for Rogi. I can not see Murray taking on Djoko in his current state of fitness.
25.03.2014 | 21:48

Reading Mario Puzo's novels, leaves quite an impression about Italians, and Sicilians in particular. They come across as a shrewd and subtle people (to generalise).
25.03.2014 | 21:46
Stan wins set 2. And Andy wraps things up! Roger time!
25.03.2014 | 21:45
Stan made the break, super!

And Murray seems to be about to win, which means Roger will enter the Stadium soon!
25.03.2014 | 21:44
Stan breaks and Murray has 3 match points.
25.03.2014 | 21:42
My friend has a brother who is unemployed so rather than him claiming a welfare benefit, he gives him money.

The Italians are cautious about forming real friendships and need to know you a few years before they will invite you to their house. I am generalising though.
25.03.2014 | 21:42
Stan has 3 break points against Dolgo.
25.03.2014 | 21:40
I suppose the experience is altogether different in a rural setting vis a vis an urban one where people analyse and talk about their lifestyle!

I think a holiday of the kind you described having 2 and a half years ago would be quite an enjoyable one!
25.03.2014 | 21:38
Andy Pandy Bandy Legs has broken Tsonga again so the end is nigh. Must heat up the soup! Homemade I hasten to add.
25.03.2014 | 21:37
Stan faces break point, and Bandy Boy is up a break in set two.
Puhleez, Andy, I shall thank you to close out this match quickly!