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Chocolate heaven

17.07.2014 | Off Court, Starseite 1

My secret challenge with Lindsey...

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10.02.2015 | 08:26
Roger I loved the chocolate video with L.Vonn
It's true the chocolate melts so fast in your mouth!
06.02.2015 | 23:53
I like that ad with L.Vonn. I'm taking a break from tennis.
I enjoy exciting events like champagne and Lindt tasting! Going
Out to eat soon. I'm separating from my husband too! Always solo!
06.02.2015 | 23:46
Hi from Miami Joan Bond ;)))windy and choppy at sea! I stay home int those
Conditions. Moët is delicious on ice.
09.08.2014 | 21:13
Happy birthday Roger!
09.08.2014 | 04:45
Happy birthday to the best tennis player of all times and an amazing human being! I admire you so much and hope that someday I can see you playing. Come to Puerto Rico, I will be your tourist guide!
09.08.2014 | 03:16
Happy Birthday Roger! Waiting for your match if Raunic would ever get done., good luck!
08.08.2014 | 09:58
Happy birthday Roger!!! I love the strength that you have to be number 1 every day!!
06.08.2014 | 02:15
There are great pics of mountains!!! It had to be nice to be there. GOO ROGER!!! GOO!!!
04.08.2014 | 13:25
Good luck for Roger's Cup @ Toronto. Have a great tournament .
04.08.2014 | 11:44
I wonder why Stan is playing with Novak and not Roger?
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