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Chocolate heaven

17.07.2014 | Off Court, Starseite 1

My secret challenge with Lindsey...

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04.08.2014 | 10:36
edit - That match around 10 pm UK time.
04.08.2014 | 10:35
04.08.2014 | 10:29
That match around 10 pm UJ time.
04.08.2014 | 10:27
Novak and Stan play today together! - https://twitter.com/lisawawrinka
04.08.2014 | 10:24
Roger plays tomorrow, early hours Wednesday in the UK.
04.08.2014 | 10:14
Somnath1109, I think his first match is tomorrow, night session .
04.08.2014 | 07:20
Is not Roger playing today? When is his first match?
04.08.2014 | 04:03
*Forgot to say, I think you've redefined this brand, actually I think you gave it an identity it didn't have, all your sponsors are extremely lucky to have you.

Just an example, whenever anyone decides to give me chocolate guess what kind of chocolate they give me? Funny thing.

Goodnight super cool RF.
04.08.2014 | 03:52
Hello Roger! How are you? Hope you had a great summer vacation, I'm glad you'll be playing this week, also glad you got to play with your friend in such a beautiful place.

I adore your drawing I think it is the most beautiful thing.

You're so sweet and so nice and you look great in that hockey jersey. Hands down most handsome hockey player ever.

Ok, I'll wait till tomorrow to wish you a good tournament.

We're on the same time zone!

Take care and keep having fun, bye. :)
04.08.2014 | 01:47
The ever positive Roger Federer:


Cheers to Roger!

(I STILL love the article about the cool chair!)