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Chocolate heaven

17.07.2014 | Off Court, Starseite 1

My secret challenge with Lindsey...

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03.08.2014 | 21:57
(Raonic takes the first set 6-1)
03.08.2014 | 21:28
(The Final in Washington has just started - Raonic has already broken Pospisi and leads 2-0.)
03.08.2014 | 21:09
I saw that headline earlier today and thought "steal". Don't be ridiculous so decided not to read the article!
03.08.2014 | 21:00
Well, that should give him incentive to win everything in sight! It would be so wonderful to see again at an official no.2. He deserves it.
03.08.2014 | 21:00
Steal No 2 ranking? Lol.. Roger doesn't have to steal it.. It's like typical haters saying Roger got to Wimby finals since his rival lost early.. He has a fair chance if the other guy doesn't withdraw from these tournaments as well.. He literally doesn't have any points to defend for the rest of the season..
03.08.2014 | 20:28
03.08.2014 | 20:17
Roger after playing hockey with NHL! - https://twitter.com/rogerfederer
03.08.2014 | 08:16
Tuesday night in Toronto is like Wednesday very early here in Istanbul. I will try to watch it ! Congratulations David Goffin. Serena played great tennis yesterday. More tennis more sleepless nights.
03.08.2014 | 06:13
Congratulations David Goffin on the first title! Another youngster rising up.. Good to see..
02.08.2014 | 23:49
Tuesday night in Toronto is like Wednesday very very early here in Switzerland? Like 1 or 2 a.m. ???
OUCH, but for you... ANYTIME !

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