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Chocolate heaven

17.07.2014 | Off Court, Starseite 1

My secret challenge with Lindsey...

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02.08.2014 | 11:13
I am not surprised about Pospisil, I was impressed with him at Basel last year and the Roger of last October had to work very hard to beat him. He is one of those in the background who could go far. Roger this year is a different player to last October and so I do not worry about them meeting this year!
02.08.2014 | 01:24
(Meantime in Washington Pospisil beat the number 1 seed, Berdych!)
01.08.2014 | 23:27
Roger's probable opponents here: Janowicz, Cilic, Ferrer/Isner, Berdych/Raonic, Nole/Murray/Stan/Dimitrov..
01.08.2014 | 22:53
QF projections per seeding: Nole-Murray, Stan-Dimitrov, Berdych-Raonic, Roger-Ferrer.. But I think Roger may face Janowicz in his first match..
01.08.2014 | 22:53
Great pictures :))

Excited for this to start and see our man in action...i think he has a good draw.

Gooooo Rog!!!!!
01.08.2014 | 22:36
The draw in Toronta is underway.. Top half Nole-Stan, bottom half Roger-Berdych..
01.08.2014 | 20:11
More photos of Roger practising - https://twitter.com/lisawawrinka
01.08.2014 | 19:43
No it's okay Balsted, honestly. These photos are official ones of the girls. I just wish he would have official ones of the little boys!
01.08.2014 | 19:32
Yes I had this suspicion also. But the photo-text told "boys" on Google! And how can you telle from looking at babe-faces...BUT googling the girls' names, this same Photo also comes up. So I was mistaken, sorry.