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Roger and Stan win the doubles

09.07.2011 | Tennis, Starseite 1

Roger and Stanislas Wawrinka won their doubles match against Portugal's Frederico Gil and Leonardo Tavares 6-3, 6-4, 6-4 in Bern today. They needed less than two hours for the victory, even though they had a tough start.

Switzerland now has an unbeatable 3-0 lead as only two matches are left to play - thus having qualified for the World Group playoffs in September.

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11.08.2011 | 05:36
I know this was forever ago - but I've had some computer issues - all worked out now! Happy Birthday Roger! In the American way - you and Mirka really Rock!!

It took me a long time to get to like you after you came up in the circiut and beat Everybody In Your Path. (I was an Agassi fan) But, I really grew to respect and love you for your skills and abilities. You play such textbook tennis. It is just - stupid! I know you know what I mean! You are my idol in every way.
09.08.2011 | 12:25
please roger won rogers cup and happy birthday
09.08.2011 | 12:23
you are the best
08.08.2011 | 12:41
Happy Birthday Roger, I wish you the very best. I also want to say get luck up north in the Roger's Cup. Your fan Edwina
08.08.2011 | 01:31
Happy Birthday to The King! Happy Birthday to the greatest tennis player ever.
08.08.2011 | 01:31
Happy Birthday to The King! Happy Birthday to the greatest tennis player ever.
06.08.2011 | 02:57
Today friday 05 August in Montreal Roger Cup at noon, i watched Federer and Wawrinka practice brilliant tennis at the Center court.

Dear Roger, thanks for your superb tennis!

A loyal Fan in Montreal
04.08.2011 | 15:26
Federer win this us open tour. We've been waiting 2 years.:( happy birthday in advance :).........:-*
04.08.2011 | 07:42
happy birthday roger , i am so excited to see you in us open in this month. i will be a first one there to agreet you loudly . i can't imagine you play in front of me .
03.08.2011 | 20:55
Dear Roger wishing you a very Happy Birthday for the 8th of August and best of luck in Canada!
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