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New Gillette TV Spot

04.06.2010 | Tennis

Did you ever want to know how Roger looks like in front of the mirror while shaving?

Check it out here. Roger's sponsor Gillette launched a new TV spot in the UK.

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14.05.2012 | 23:22
Mind Blowing Performance ;)

Great!! You're the Best Roger.
31.01.2011 | 00:59
my son is 7 years old and he love you so much, when he so that commercial he was screaming ,like he want to be inside the tv. now he want to play tennis like you and to watch you in live, we hope his dream come true. love you
20.01.2011 | 17:10
nice commercial
23.12.2010 | 19:52
great comercial - but not realistic - Roger never sweats that much on his face :D
16.12.2010 | 14:32