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Roger stunned by Söderling

01.06.2010 | Tennis

Roger was upset by Sweden’s Robin Söderling at the French Open today, ending his record streak of 23 straight Grand Slam semifinals. Roger lost 6-3, 3-6, 5-7, 4-6.


Roger started well and had everything well under control in the first set. But Söderling suddenly cranked up his response and took a 2-0 lead in the second, finally winning the set as both players held serve from there. Roger had a set point in the 10th game of the third set which unfortunately he could not make use of. Play was suspended with Roger leading 30-15 due to rain. After an interruption of over an hour, Roger eventually dropped his serve and then lost the set.


Roger seemed to come back in the final set as he took a 2-0 lead. But it wasn't long before the Swede pushed forward again, breaking back and eventually wrapping up the match after 2h 30min when Roger went long with a weary return.


The last time Roger did not reach the semi-final of a Grand Slam tournament was in 2004, when he was evicted in Paris by Gustavo Kuerten. Today's defeat opens up the possibility that, should Rafael Nadal win the title, Roger will lose the top ranking just a week before equalling Pete Sampras's record of 286 weeks at number one.

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06/08/2010 | 01:57 AM

Who is the best men’s tennis player in the world?


06/08/2010 | 01:40 AM
My dear Roger the Great,

I know how sad you are about losing the French Open, about ending your semifinal streak and last but not least the No. 1 ranking. I am very sad too. But look at the bright side. Your beloved Wimbledon is so near. And Frech
06/08/2010 | 01:02 AM
hello roger , i think you lost because of your arrogace,you thought it was an easy game and i think you were more concern in how you made your shots and how you look than the actual match, i think you should focus more on winning and tennis instead of th
06/07/2010 | 11:47 PM
Thank you so much Roger for letting us, true tennis lovers, to enjoy your fantastic run. I learned to appreciate tennis in a different way with your game. Your finesse, athleticism and kindness are unparalleled. To me you are the best tennis player that e
06/07/2010 | 11:08 PM
Dear Roger,

Sorry about RG and your No.1 ranking. I know you will be disappointd but you will bounce back from this, especially as the grass court season is now here. No matter what we all love and support you whatever. Take care.

Love From Chris
06/07/2010 | 08:30 PM
Dear Friends,

All of you have been great incl. HELENIP, Jennico, Pollerer, Patarian, Boting and Ahron,

Dear friends, Ahron's (p.54) Research was fabulous. In it:
1. Sampras called Roger Greatest Ever(GE), and
2.Borg called Roger Greatest
06/07/2010 | 07:22 PM
Well, Roger, you're human after all. You played well during the two weeks and you should be proud of what you've accomplished.

Onward and upward! You are the best and always will be. Thanks for sharing your greatness with us.

Thanks to Ahron for
06/07/2010 | 06:03 PM
P.49 ***Pollerer###

Dear Friends,
(In the history of religion, the animal goat has sometimes been used to represent the devil. That's why I don't want Roger to called GOAT. No.)

Dear Pollerer,
The Greatest Player of this Sport(by Pollerer), GPOTS
06/07/2010 | 05:42 PM

I hope you are not too disappointed. Paris was one to forget this year, but there is always next year. I believe you will win the French Open again, and you must believe it too.

But for now, its on to our favorite slams, Wimbledon and the U
06/07/2010 | 05:13 PM
nadal uses to praise fed as the greatest of all time. now, he says he wants to be the greatest of all time. fed is king of old, but i think he can shot nadal's mouth
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