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Roger stunned by Söderling

01.06.2010 | Tennis

Roger was upset by Sweden’s Robin Söderling at the French Open today, ending his record streak of 23 straight Grand Slam semifinals. Roger lost 6-3, 3-6, 5-7, 4-6.


Roger started well and had everything well under control in the first set. But Söderling suddenly cranked up his response and took a 2-0 lead in the second, finally winning the set as both players held serve from there. Roger had a set point in the 10th game of the third set which unfortunately he could not make use of. Play was suspended with Roger leading 30-15 due to rain. After an interruption of over an hour, Roger eventually dropped his serve and then lost the set.


Roger seemed to come back in the final set as he took a 2-0 lead. But it wasn't long before the Swede pushed forward again, breaking back and eventually wrapping up the match after 2h 30min when Roger went long with a weary return.


The last time Roger did not reach the semi-final of a Grand Slam tournament was in 2004, when he was evicted in Paris by Gustavo Kuerten. Today's defeat opens up the possibility that, should Rafael Nadal win the title, Roger will lose the top ranking just a week before equalling Pete Sampras's record of 286 weeks at number one.

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06/07/2010 | 08:33 AM
Dear Roger,

Even the match was turned out to be a sad one and might affect a few follow things.
I had to wait until today to know for sure.

I am truly sorry.
I know how it will upset you but I also know that you will keep going on with your good a
06/07/2010 | 08:27 AM
....and something else.. you lost no 1, so what?

i remember you did great things as no 2 too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

love and supp....
06/07/2010 | 08:23 AM
ok you lost and it is not the first time and might not be the last.... but my truth is, that you dont loose easily and that your way of
playing tennis is so nice full of technical and gracefull moments. thank you.

the most important as always is to
06/07/2010 | 07:12 AM
roger i hd actually gn on a trip 4m ma skul n i ws shocked 2 knw dat u hd lost 2 robinn...
cudnt believe it roger..hw cud u lose dat match??????/
bt roger ders no point in cryin over spilt milk........
so wt f ur d world no. 2 nw?????
u still remain d
06/07/2010 | 06:56 AM
no problem its impossible to win in all the but wembeldon is very important so dont sad about rolangaros you must to be happy beacuse the god give alot of peaple love you, good health
& you play very good you forget or what ???
you the best player tenn
06/07/2010 | 06:13 AM
Don't worry.You have a lot of chances and stage.You are the best forever.
Come on!
06/07/2010 | 05:47 AM
p.49 Wow! Dear Boting is poetic too...

p.49 Dear Lux-lady, Soderling will be the first to say his game today was Rubbish - he showed he had no guts when he let a makeable volley go - it dropped inside the baseline - from there he & the match went downh
06/07/2010 | 05:41 AM
P.48 bottom Jennico, (follow up to my earlier post to Jennico) sorry forgot to sign my name to you, and btw thanks Roger's Sickness Info :-)

p.48 - Dear Norinchi - wow so poetic :-)

p.48 Dear Boting, Roger's No. ! ranking depends on him, no one else
06/07/2010 | 05:31 AM
P.48 Dear Jennico,

wow so useful the info - and sincere thanks for encouraging, constructive & kind words & info - nice that you're around
06/07/2010 | 05:23 AM
p.48 - Dear Filo,

I know you love Roger - I can see it in your post, so I do not misunderstand you, but I propose this;
- I know that if Roger plays well , and if Nadal plays well, Roger will win.

- Very simply true - think about it - Roger is an