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Roger defeated by Hewitt

13.06.2010 | Tennis

Roger had to accept a 6-3, 6-7(4), 4-6 defeat against Lleyton Hewitt today.


Roger showed a strong start in Halle today. He took a 40-0 lead on Hewitt's serve during the second set, but did not manage to use the chance given. From that point on he was no longer able to score on the important points, eventually losing the final in three sets. "We've known each other for years and once played doubles together in Wimbledon and I always looked up to him," Roger said going into the match. "It is something special to play against him."


Roger had not lost a match at Halle since 2002, winning the title five times, and had beaten Hewitt in their last 15 showdowns. But he simply committed too many unforced errors today. Nevertheless, Roger profited from an entire week of preparation on grass and is ready for Wimbledon starting in a week.

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06/16/2010 | 11:13 AM
I hope you did not read my comment as critical of Roger spending time with his family. On the contrary, I attribute a large part of Roger's success to the support he has had from Mirka. He always acknowledges this, but I am continually am
06/16/2010 | 10:30 AM
***Dutchlady***P 23
Thank you for yet another wonderful post--I thought the last paragraph was exceptional.

***Ticky***P 24
I was not referring to anything that you said in your previous post--I apologise if it appeared that way--I do not think that
06/16/2010 | 07:56 AM
Roger, again lose.YTD W/L : 27:8 =( STOP DOING IT FOR US. It's sad that you can't concentrate your minds.
You can't focus on the game like in the past(more good services, aces for e.g)
Be our no.1 and win Wimby and others tournaments.
06/16/2010 | 07:41 AM
Dear Roger the Great,

I am so sorry that you lost. You lost so many close matches this year, couple of matches you lost from the match point. It looks like the biggest problem that you are having right now is winning the key points. Even though you
06/16/2010 | 06:28 AM
Hello everybody, hope you agree with me that it is Roger who gives away the match and not outplayed by hewitt
06/16/2010 | 05:31 AM
Tomorrow - June 16 - Wimbledon seedings will be out. Important. Understand that Wimb seedings do not always match the current ATP rankings as Wimb has its own way of calculating seedings based on last 2 yrs performance....... Hopefully Roddick moves up a
06/16/2010 | 05:19 AM
My suggestion is you give up.

06/16/2010 | 03:22 AM
Well the description of the news says almost all; too many unforced errors in the 3rd set and Hewitt almost did not make any more errors, often he was very lucky with this shots.

I did think your tennis was absolutely great during the rest of the to
06/16/2010 | 01:01 AM
Dear Roger,

Sorry about Halle. At least you have had some grass court practice ahead of Wimbledon. Good luck at this year's championships. Always our No.1. Take care.

Love From Christinexx
06/15/2010 | 11:44 PM
Gosh some of you guys are really negative. People have been writing Roger off since early 2007!!!

He lost in 2008, yes Nadal did improve on grass BUT also because the courts played slower especially with the miserable weather in 2008. Also, anyone w
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