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Roger defeated by Hewitt

13.06.2010 | Tennis

Roger had to accept a 6-3, 6-7(4), 4-6 defeat against Lleyton Hewitt today.


Roger showed a strong start in Halle today. He took a 40-0 lead on Hewitt's serve during the second set, but did not manage to use the chance given. From that point on he was no longer able to score on the important points, eventually losing the final in three sets. "We've known each other for years and once played doubles together in Wimbledon and I always looked up to him," Roger said going into the match. "It is something special to play against him."


Roger had not lost a match at Halle since 2002, winning the title five times, and had beaten Hewitt in their last 15 showdowns. But he simply committed too many unforced errors today. Nevertheless, Roger profited from an entire week of preparation on grass and is ready for Wimbledon starting in a week.

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06/15/2010 | 04:29 PM
Forget if he is cool or forget if he is the best to ever swing a racket. He's not playing well and all of us fans have to admit it. After losing to Hewitt, especially on grass I wonder how he'll win Wimbledon.
06/15/2010 | 03:26 PM
Gee Whiz! Roger! Come On! No time for unforced errors. PLease please , Come on!,,, I will for sure pray for you, as it hurts us as much as it hurts you.. X
06/15/2010 | 03:13 PM
****vLaDDaLv P23****

Dont say this too loud you can get
thousands of fans who will say that you
are insulting Federer.
06/15/2010 | 03:01 PM
PS: Look Sampras in 2001-2002
06/15/2010 | 03:00 PM
Roger Federer is done. He can barely win a match and i am sure that he will drop the 2nd position this year.This thing happened to all great champions.
06/15/2010 | 02:14 PM
Other players have their self-esteem too, and Roger knows that. When a former great player like Lleyton beats him playing superbly, he admires that. Roger loves and admires GREAT TENNIS!!!!
06/15/2010 | 02:00 PM
Well, my dear **toen, it all depends on the quality of the ratio you use, what sense of reality you have and how honest you are to yourself.
In my opinion you have little or no sense of reality when blaming Roger for not being as successful as he was in
06/15/2010 | 01:57 PM
It's sad but look forward for Wimbledon!
06/15/2010 | 01:11 PM
I refer to post Hughsie page 19. You do post some great positive and thoughtful stuff. I hope that u didnt think that, when i posted earlier and said i thought perhaps Roger had lost a bit of his determination, was a criticism of Roger in any way. I woul
06/15/2010 | 01:01 PM
I hope you can win wimbledon!! Please!!! Come on!!!!
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