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New record for Cincy

18.08.2005 | Tennis

Roger hasn't showed his best tennis this week, but has produced when it was needed. Roger failed to hold serve four times but beat Nicolas Kiefer of Germany 4-6, 6-4, 6-4 Wednesday in the second round of the Cincinnati Masters. "There's a reason he's No. 1 — he makes the important points," Kiefer said. Roger failed to hold serve twice in the first set, righted himself a bit in the second, then failed to hold twice in the third. "I was struggling in the beginning," he said. "The start of the match was crucial, and I couldn't get on top of him there. Still, in the end, to turn it around and not play my best is always a good feeling." Roger is 6-3 against Kiefer and has won five straight, including three times this year. It took him four sets at Wimbledon. He said the long break has drained a bit of his confidence. "The way you read the game; I have the feeling that's missing most," he said. "Then doubt suddenly creeps to your mind. You're not sure, 'Should I go for the shot or should I rather play it safe one more time?' When you're playing well, when you're confident, you don't think about those kind of things."

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08/19/2005 | 01:28 AM

Congratulations on winning your match! Just remember your fans are cheering you on everyday! I believe confidence is your strongest trait. Keep up the amazing job and good luck to you!

08/19/2005 | 01:06 AM

don´t worry , you are the best .
shine on

stella maris
08/19/2005 | 12:37 AM
look roger,you are the best playr in my opinin i love watch your games!!!!!!!!!
lets go!!!!!!dont be worry!!!you are the champion!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
08/18/2005 | 11:42 PM
Hey, my dear, i was wondering if i should write to you about this match, since you`re already preparing for the next one... But i have to tell you how proud i am that you won, even that you didn`t play at your best, how much confidence i have in you, in t
08/18/2005 | 10:30 PM
Hey mate hang in there, confidence will grow in time.
08/18/2005 | 10:17 PM
Hi Roger, I know you said that the break has drained your confidence. Whenever you are feeling somewhat out of sorts or need you confidence restored,remember that YOU ARE # 1 and that your fans all around the world are rooting for you. I have it so bad
08/18/2005 | 09:53 PM
Hi Roger! It will all come together...don't worry.
You're the best...
08/18/2005 | 07:29 PM
Never mind not playing your best tennis. The point is, you're still alive in this tournament, and it's your best performance yet in all the years you've played in Cincinnati. And need I add that Nadal has been eliminated? You're nearly there, Roger, an
08/18/2005 | 07:29 PM
hi roger
it was agood match, you were great!
all the fans are with you, and good luck in the next match. YOU ARE THE BEST
08/18/2005 | 07:27 PM
It's nice to see you come on top of those kind of matches when you are not playing your best. Good luck on your next with Rochus.
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