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Website contest

24.08.2005 | Off Court

Thank you for participating in the competition for the website-relaunch. We do admit that the questions were not too easy, but many of you bravely found the answers. We received 276 mails in total. The correct answers are the following:


1. How many registered users have joined www.rogerfederer.com so far (+-500)? 34'000 - 36'000


2. What is the township near Port Elizabeth (South Africa) called where the Roger Federer Foundation supports children together with IMBEWU? New Brighton


3. At what age did Roger first get sponsored? 16


4. Against whom did Roger win his first junior tournament? Jean Christophe Faurel


5. What big object related to tennis hangs from the ceiling in Rotterdam? Tennis ball


We would like to congratulate the 10 lucky winners of a signed Nike-Cap: Ting (Taiwan), Josh (USA), Sophie (Australia), Safina (England), Sylvia (England), Wendy (Canada), Paola (Switzerland), Silvy (Argentina), Olivier (France), Philipp (Malta).

The caps have 'www.rogerfederer.com' embroided on the back. Have fun with your prizes and we hope all visitors carry on enjoying the site.


Your webteam

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09/14/2005 | 11:30 AM
How come i can't find Roger's win against Jean Christophe Faurel in the results. I think i got it wrong now =(
09/14/2005 | 10:57 AM
You guys are so lucky. I entered and i think i got all the questions right i am not sure about number 4 though i can't remember. The last question was a doosie but i got it in the end. I also would like to see more of these competitions it was great like
08/25/2005 | 05:05 AM
oh they are lucky! i would also like to see more contests for things like this...
08/24/2005 | 03:56 PM
Lucky winners! Can we have more games quizes competitions like this where some lucky ones can get RF autographed prizes while the rest just have fun trying?