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Roger adds IMG to his team

19.09.2005 | Off Court

Roger has expanded his business team by adding IMG, the world’s largest sports marketing and management agency, to capitalize on his global business opportunities. 


With his sixth major title, back-to-back U.S. Opens, three straight Wimbledon victories, and one Australian Open, the 24-year-old, is already proclaimed by many as the greatest male tennis player in history – including by Andre Agassi, whom he defeated in Sunday’s final.  His success, combined with the global reach of tennis, has expanded his worldwide marketing needs. Now IMG joins Roger’s management team.  “It is definitely an ideal situation,” Roger emphasizes: “I continue to work with my team and can use the advantages of both the existing lean structure and a worldwide network at the same time.”


“I met with IMG’s new owner and chairman, Ted Forstmann, and learned about his vision for IMG going forward and the team he proposed for me at IMG.  I liked what he had to say in terms of business ideas and also have found a common ground with Ted in terms of our charitable efforts in addressing children’s issues, especially in Africa,” Roger says. “We hope this partnership can take us to the next level.”


"Roger is an international superstar on and off the court and has emerged as a global icon,” Forstmann says. “He is an extraordinarily bright, polite, thoughtful young man and, as a result, I am delighted to have the opportunity to work with him both on his business and philanthropic efforts throughout the world.”


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09/30/2005 | 12:38 AM
Hi Roger:

I hope IMG knows how LUCKY they are and will be as much of an asset to you, as you are for them. One thing is for sure, your Fans will be watching them with both eyes open, especially here in the States.

Looking forward to them getting yo
09/28/2005 | 08:34 AM
Hey roger,
there is a lot you can do in India too. There are a lot of fans for you in India for whom you can raise a lot of money and show that you care for them (i know you do care for them).
09/27/2005 | 01:45 AM
hi roger,
i have been reading their comments about your partnership with IMG. i have no idea what is IMG. As I can see, i hope i am right, your partnership with them will make you more popular around the world. I never thought of this because i think you
09/26/2005 | 07:49 AM
Well, Roger, I can't add to the wonderful insight of so many of your fans about your addition of IMG to your management team, except to repeat . . .
Please stay who you are - we love you this way . . . and keep your vision and your values. I sincer
09/24/2005 | 11:00 AM
Congratulationz rogerr!! gr8 wrk......i hope dis opportunity gets u on da top.......al da best for da present, da future n forevrrr....!!! :)
09/23/2005 | 04:02 AM
Hey Roger

Good job with your new IMG business team. who doesn't like you? everyone loves you Roger. Good luck next week and hope you play your best tennis. Love you.
09/23/2005 | 01:22 AM
Hey Roger.

Great to see this new partnership.

I hope all athletes learn from you when it comes to class on and off the court.

You're the best.
09/23/2005 | 12:34 AM
Dear Roger, i`ve read some reactions, but i`m not worried, i know this won`t change you. How could signing some papers change your soul? Your kindness, your generosity will be the same.I`m just worried that your schedule will become even busier.I hope the
09/22/2005 | 07:03 PM
Dear Roger,
Goodluck to the whole team, enjoy your games.
09/22/2005 | 03:19 AM
Dear Roger the great,

This is wonderful news. The whole world, not just the tennis world, should know the greatest tennis player in the world. Everybody will know you and admire you. You are already so famous, but you will become even more famous.
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