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Order your Fan Calendar

05.10.2005 | Off Court

Bring elegance and style to your office or home or surprise a friend with the official Roger Federer Fan Calendar 2006!


You will receive 12 high-quality images in a new design, reflecting Roger's greatest moments in 2005 and beyond. Catch a glimpse of Roger as a child, in the largest tennis-stadiums on the planet or during the champion's dinner in Wimbledon and much more...


The calendars are sold at CHF 29.- (€ 20, $ 24) per piece, plus postage. The profit from the calendar goes fully to the Roger Federer Foundation, supporting disadvantaged children and promoting sports for the youth.


Make sure you get your copy now!

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11/20/2005 | 05:43 PM
haha,you're so funny!
11/16/2005 | 10:01 PM
I am a little worried as I paid using Paypal in October and was told my payment was a success yet I have not received my calendar and there is no record of my having paid. I had a problem the first time I ordered a calendar but that turned out to be a pr
11/16/2005 | 04:11 AM

I finally received my calendar took a few weeks. I used Palpal it was great! I read a few comments and some people we're wondering
what Paypal is. It is used at E-bay also.

I can't believe I am making a comment here...



11/09/2005 | 02:27 PM
U ARE FANTASTIC......CHAMPION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
11/05/2005 | 11:09 PM
I have been waiting weeks......
Where is my calendar?
11/05/2005 | 08:40 AM
well, i love the fantasy tennis,i remember the point whit you play to hewitt in pacific ocean this year, oh my god!!!!
well sorry for some words, i don´t speak english very well, but i try!!!

bueno loko espero q sigas asi!!! sos el number one!!!!!!!
11/05/2005 | 01:05 AM
I have just received my calender, and it is totally cool!!!! I've already hung it on my wall!
11/04/2005 | 11:43 AM
Got my calendar yesterday-what a beaut! Can't wait for 2006 now.
11/04/2005 | 04:37 AM
Received my calendar today! I must say the month of August is my favorite, such a sweet face.

Love + Peace,

11/03/2005 | 02:55 PM
Yo Rog,

I received the calender, it's really awesome!
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