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Message to my fans

31.10.2005 | Tennis

Dear Fans


I would like to inform you that I feel a lot better. I am extremely glad to be walking again normally and even jogging gently after having been on crutches for two weeks.


At first I was really concerned about being fit again for Shanghai. After making some promising progress these last days I am happy to say that I am a lot more positive about my participation at the Masters Cup. I will be hitting balls again these coming days –which is great news since I haven’t been able to play tennis for almost a month now!


What I can say today is that I will definitely be travelling to Shanghai. I’ll just enjoy the time there as a spectator in case my injury should still be bothering me then. But in the meantime I will most certainly do all I can to get back into shape to defend my title in Shanghai. The tournament is, after all, one of my most important goals this year and the perfect event to finish a great season.


Kind regards


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11/01/2005 | 08:09 PM
That's great news, Roger.

Hope you make it to play in Shanghai, but if not - never mind. It's been another incredible year from you already. Take care of yourself! Have fun in Shanghai, either way...

Daley xxx
11/01/2005 | 08:06 PM
Dear Roger,

I'm so glad to hear that your injury is better and you can start your tennis again! Thanx so much for letting us know how you are..
I hope that you'll be able to play in Shanghai and get the Victory, however the most important thing is yo
11/01/2005 | 06:52 PM
hi roger!

glad to hear that you're recovering very fast. i hope that you will always be fit. take care of yourself and good luck in Shanghai. i do pray that you will defend your masters cup title and solidify your status as this year's number 1.

11/01/2005 | 06:26 PM
Hey Roger-

Its about time we received some good news....... for a change......wonderful to have you back playing tennis again and look forward to seeing you rise and shine at the top again....

Come on Roger lets finish the year with a whopping great
11/01/2005 | 04:24 PM
Hi, Roger!
I was very boring because I couldn't watch your tennis for a few weeks.
please show us your powerful, great and beautiful shot in Shanghai. There isn't The Masters Cup without you.
11/01/2005 | 01:48 PM
Good fo you !!
hope to see you soon : )
11/01/2005 | 01:18 PM
I glad to hear that you are feeling better and are ready to come back and play competetive tennis. I wish you luck in completly recovering.
11/01/2005 | 11:59 AM
Dear Roger,

I'm very glad to get yr news and know that u feel a lot better now. Hopefully u'd completely recover very soon and able to defend yr Masters Cup champion this year again...
Anyways, pls. keep in mind yr health is the most important thing,
11/01/2005 | 11:59 AM
We are glad to here from our Roger! And good news to see Roger will be hitting balls again in Shanghai !!

Fan Club at Thailand- NongOrchid
11/01/2005 | 11:54 AM
Dearest Roger,

Thanks so much for dropping us a note...I'm really happy that you are finally off the crutches but also sad that you're still doubtful for Shanghai. Its a very kind gesture though that you will still be going there even if you cannot pla