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Roger first to arrive in Shanghai

07.11.2005 | Tennis

Things are heating up as the highlight of the year steadily approaches. Roger became the first player to arrive in Shanghai yesterday in advance of the season-ending Masters Cup.


The trip to Shanghai is the second in just one month for Roger, who had made a whirlwind stop here early last month to unveil the Qizhong Tennis Center in the city's Minhang District, where the tournament will be played to November 20.


Roger has arrived early in order to prepare thoroughly. He feels his shape is improving constantly but is still not certain whether he will be able to play. We'll most certainly keep you updated!

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11/08/2005 | 06:23 AM
Hi Roger,

Hope to see you win the TMC again.
11/08/2005 | 06:14 AM
You, as Andy R. once said "is gifted physically". We all know you can break through this dilemma. Pull through Roger! and make this another one to add to your TMS trophies collection!!!

Wishing you all the best!
11/08/2005 | 06:12 AM
Hi Roger!!
It's honestly great to know that you'll step out on to the courts atleast one more time this year!!! I was waiting so long to see a u play a match...your style blended with brilliance is just too good to watch!!!
I hope you win the Shanghai
11/08/2005 | 05:51 AM
Roger, I,as sincerely as other fans, hope you can play in Shanghai.
But if you cannot be sure about your injury, don't risk playing.
I have just read an aticle about Marat. His injury was not serious,but he didn't take the doctor's advice and as we all
11/08/2005 | 04:29 AM

I am really hoping that you will be able to play, but please make sure you fully recovered. As much as I want to see you win the season-ending Masters Cup, don't play if you will risk further injury. Take care and enjoy Shanghai, whether you p
11/08/2005 | 03:52 AM
I really hope you can win another master cup title in Shanghai.

Best wishes for your health.

11/08/2005 | 03:16 AM
Dear Roger,

It's good to know that you're in Shanghai and training! Like all your fans, I would LOVE to see cap this amazing year with your third consecutive Master's Cup, not to mention that I can't wait to see you play again! However, the LAST thing
11/08/2005 | 02:18 AM

As much as I & all of your fans are dying to see you play the final tourney of the year & win it , of course... ;-) , if you are not 100% ...PLEASE don't risk futher injury !! We can all wait till Jan. & the AO......no worries mate!!! Enjoy y
11/08/2005 | 01:55 AM
Great to learn that you are in Shanghai, but please do take care and do not force yourself too much. If you can play, it would be brilliant, of course, but if you are not playing this time, we only have to wait a little longer and look forward to seeing
11/08/2005 | 01:45 AM
I am so satisfied with the news, that tears came to the my eyes.
I hope that your training be 100% satisfactory and that you if feel fully safe regarding your contusion.
I am sure of your success. As usual wil
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