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A sports ground for IMBEWU

01.12.2005 | Foundation

Yesterday, in the name of the Roger Federer Foundation, Lynette and Robbie Federer inaugurated a multipurpose sports site in the small municipality of Zwide, South Africa. During the solemn ceremony, the parents of Roger Federer handed over the site to the local organisation IMBEWU. The project has been realized and financed in close cooperation with Roger Federer's sponsor Nike.


The site contains two tennis courts as well as a court for basketball, netball and soccer. "I am tremendously proud that we have succeeded in making these great sport facilities available to the children and the young people. A great big thanks goes to Nike for the implementation. I am convinced that my sponsor will to do whatever it takes to maintain the site in perfect shape in the years to come so that as many kids as possible will be able to go in for sports and have a lot of fun there for a long time", said Roger.


Futher to housing sports activities the site serves a second purpose: in the future it will be the center for activities of the community - such as programs for AIDS-prevention. The courts are part of the international recycling program lead by Nike and are made of recycled shoes.

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12/05/2005 | 03:36 AM
God Bless You Roger.....
12/05/2005 | 03:32 AM
the world needs more people like you.
thank you.

12/04/2005 | 01:43 PM
you're such a kind-hearted soul roger. hope all sports heroes, government officials and business heads all over the world will also contribute in uplifting the lives of the future generations.
12/04/2005 | 01:13 PM
u r the greatest champion both on court and off court. Good luck for next year.
12/04/2005 | 09:00 AM
HEY...Federer! You are a great person!....You are the best tennis player ever!...and you are the best person a well...I can tell...
12/04/2005 | 08:59 AM
Great work, you have given some hope to the kids in the area, lets hope it goes on like this and others also join in and work to give these children what they don't have!!!! GO Lynette and Roger!!!!:)))
12/04/2005 | 05:32 AM
This is another reason why I admire Roger. Roger and his team are giving a great gift for the people in South Africa. This is a very kind action from Roger and his team.
12/04/2005 | 03:38 AM
Praise God for you Roger. God is using you to make so many dreams realized. to God be the glory! You are one Great person. I'm sure your parents has molded you to become one. congratulations! True champion!
12/03/2005 | 10:54 PM
Roger that is just what these kids need.
Fantastic job!
12/03/2005 | 10:52 PM
Parabéns grande Roger por mais uma vitoria desta vez fora dos courts!

Congratulations great Roger for one more victory this time out of the courts!
Francisco Nobre
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