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Final preparation

20.12.2005 | Off Court

Dear fans


I am off to Australia today after having spent some time in Switzerland. I have only played 5 tournaments since Wimbledon so you can imagine that I am really looking forward to getting onto the court again. At the same time I have lost some of my routine, of course, but am hoping for a good start into the new season. My foot also seems to be ready for the challenge, which is great.


I have worked hard on my fitness with Pierre Paganini these last weeks and am very happy with the result. I am now on my way to Down Under where I will work on my tennis skills with Tony Roche during 10 days.


My goals for the coming year certainly are to win Wimbledon for a fourth time - which would be amazing - and to stay number one. Everything else is a bonus on top of that. I will try to win every match I play; and I am not expecting the same dominance as this past year.


See you soon!




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12/21/2005 | 09:42 PM
Dear Roger

It is amazing to know you are really positive! You inspire me to get my goals always! I know you will be the number 1 next year, as always.

Have a nice Christmas Roger! Your New year will be one of the best, I am sure :)

12/21/2005 | 08:53 PM
Hey Roger-

Thank you for your note.........its nice to know that you are looking positively to a great start for the New Year. We are all eager to see you do extremely well and to start winning as many tournament matches as you possibly can!! The mos
12/21/2005 | 08:33 PM
Good Luck in Australia, I also think winning the French should be more of a priority over
Wimbledon, but whatever floats your boat! YOU THE MAN!
Adrienne from Pittsburgh PA USA
12/21/2005 | 08:07 PM
Good luck
12/21/2005 | 06:50 PM
you win wimbledon of course because you are the prefessor of the grass!!! (i know its really bad joke) i love you so much
12/21/2005 | 06:41 PM
roger i hope you win roland garros in 2006 and then all of GS
12/21/2005 | 06:26 PM
Dearest Rogi: I look forward to admiring another fantastic year for you. Today is a very sad day for argentine tennis due to Puerta's 8 year-sanction. In these sad hours I look up to your career and exemplary conduct to give me strenght.
But fortunatel
12/21/2005 | 06:13 PM
Dear Roger!
...So happy to hear from you again! Hope that you had a good vacation.
I send you my best wishes for the holiday season, too.
Already planning my next trip to see you playing live.... maybe Monte Carlo... Paris? London? New York? I wish i
12/21/2005 | 06:07 PM
Dear Roger,

Thanks so much for writing to us. That's part of what makes you so special to your fans.

It must be tough to have all those expectations heaped upon your shoulders...about winning all of the time. I was surprised to read your remark ab
12/21/2005 | 05:34 PM
Do not worry, you will Dominate again.

Please win the French mate and have a great time.
I cannot wait to watch you play at the Australian.
I wish you the best and you are the Best.

Juan C.