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Thank you, Roger!

22.12.2005 | Off Court

Yesterday I received a Christmas present from China. It was the first personal letter I ever got from that part of the world. It was sent by a tennis fan who shares my admiration for the power, elegance and intelligence with which you play the game. You probably hard all this before and you are certainly aware that you have a large global fan community gathering around your website and other tennis fora.


I am not sure whether you know that you are the catalyst for contacts made all over the world. People start writing to each other, they acquire knowledge about different cultures and they exchange views. And sometimes real friendship grows. In the beginning these contacts are focused on tennis

and you (or to be more precise: as we perceive you), but very often much

deeper relationships develop.


I want you to know that and thank you for it.


Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you, those around you and everyone contributing to this site!




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12/24/2005 | 05:12 PM
Yeah roger's really got many fans worldwide...and I'm a Chinese,many of my classmates and schoolmate are roger's fans,and after he lost the masters cup all of us cried...
hope u have an even betteryear in 2006!!!We r supporting u all the time!!!
12/24/2005 | 04:53 PM
It's true you know that Roger is bringing people togheter from all over the world! He should get the nobel price for peace! LOL
12/24/2005 | 10:46 AM
Hey everyone `` hey rogi
I also form China and I've sent a letter for you ..but maybe it lost in the way to switzerland``maybe`` what a pity``

but still wish you :Merry christmas`^_^

Emily Zhong
From Xiangtan Hunan China
12/24/2005 | 10:29 AM
How true what u commented. I always like to come to this site, its my happy-site ! I always get good feelings visiting this site, and so... enjoy the forum.
12/24/2005 | 05:23 AM
Its great to know theres real friendships going on here, peaceful cultural exchanges, meaningful discussions and sharings. I've enjoyed myself being just a 6-month old fan of this site! Thanks Puschkin, Dana and the webmaster for doing a great job! Yo
12/23/2005 | 11:34 PM
Puschkin- I have always thought of you as one of the more eloquent posters here (!) and now you've proved it by conveying how so many of us feel in just a few sentences.
Having been part of this wonderful community for quite a while now, I've been lucky
12/23/2005 | 10:51 PM
THANK YOU dear Puschkin for WONDERFUL message!

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to everyone!

It's really nice to be here with all of you my dear friends.I met fantastic people at R.F.com.


12/23/2005 | 06:36 PM
Puschkin, what a lovely message! Isn't it wonderful how Rogi inspires us and unites us all? I, like you, a fellow Rogi fan, have made friends from around the world and this gives me hope that there IS some good in the world!

Wishing everyone here (and
12/23/2005 | 05:55 PM
Thanks for your words, they reflex the feelings we have. This comunity is great and I made some of the best friends of my entire life here. Thanks to Les, eve, jac, nancy, laura, mariekke, pippa, carol, sachu, babi, M for your friendship, and for all of
12/23/2005 | 04:00 PM
THANK YOU, MERCI, DANKE, GRAZIE, GRACIAS, OBRIGADO, S?S ??????S?????, TERIMA KASIH, ??, SALAMAT, SHOKRAN, TODA,DANK U, DOMO ARIGATO, ZHI-ZHI, KAMSA HAMIDA......for the friendships we've developed with our co-fans.

MERRY CHRISTMAS and all the best for
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