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Thank you, Roger!

22.12.2005 | Off Court

Yesterday I received a Christmas present from China. It was the first personal letter I ever got from that part of the world. It was sent by a tennis fan who shares my admiration for the power, elegance and intelligence with which you play the game. You probably hard all this before and you are certainly aware that you have a large global fan community gathering around your website and other tennis fora.


I am not sure whether you know that you are the catalyst for contacts made all over the world. People start writing to each other, they acquire knowledge about different cultures and they exchange views. And sometimes real friendship grows. In the beginning these contacts are focused on tennis

and you (or to be more precise: as we perceive you), but very often much

deeper relationships develop.


I want you to know that and thank you for it.


Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you, those around you and everyone contributing to this site!




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12/23/2005 | 03:34 AM
Dear Puschkin:

I am affected by your message, thanks for that. I am a Chinese in Shanghai, can get feeling same with you. and thanks Roger. I can not get so much experience and happyness here without Roger. Expecting new season coming.

Merry Christm
12/22/2005 | 09:47 PM
It's a touching message.
The words you're using are wonderful;)

Thanks a lot.

12/22/2005 | 09:42 PM
This is so true Puschkin - thank you for posting this lovely message!!

I have met so many wonderful people on this site - no surprise that Roger attracts such nice fans!! - and some have become dear friends - I have so enjoyed meeting up at tournaments
12/22/2005 | 06:45 PM
I have had the similar good fortune of making friends on Roger's site---one very dear friend, in particular. (You know who you are! :)))

It is true...we are initially focused on Roger and tennis, but then a true friendship develops from that very soun
12/22/2005 | 06:32 PM
Pushy made the front page. :) It is great how many friends I made through following the tennis ninja. :) I hope we all will be celebrating after OZ.
12/22/2005 | 06:14 PM

Wooow...your words on the front page of this site!!! Thank you for putting our most sincere words here in the forum and helping get them acrossed to Roger! I'm really honored here...


Maybe this is beyond your wildest imagination
12/22/2005 | 05:33 PM
Very sweet & well-expressed!
Well-done Puschkin !
12/22/2005 | 05:23 PM
thanks so much dear puschkin for this wonderful message!

you're so right!!! I never thought, that I would make so many new friends over a internet-page!! but I did!! I'm in contact with several fans from all over the world and we became real friends,
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