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Defeat at the Kooyong Classic

11.01.2006 | Tennis

Roger was upset by Tommy Haas at the Kooyong Classic - a warmup tournament for the Australian Open. Haas (GER), ranked No. 41, triumphed 3-6, 6-4, 6-4 in the opening round of the exhibition tournament in Melbourne.


Roger hit 39 unforced errors, against Haas' 30, and produced only two of his 15 winners on the backhand. As the tournament is an invitational it does not count towards the official rankings.


"With all the injuries in men's tennis, I'm just happy to be standing," Roger said. "I'm happy I arrived OK and played through the match without any pain."

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01/12/2006 | 04:10 AM
Ahhh no need to worry Rog! You can't always win even the best lose sometimes. Also it wouldn't be fair to you , for us to expect you to win all the time. I am just glad your feeling okay that's the most important thing, n just remember we all love you no
01/12/2006 | 04:03 AM
It's Ok. I wish u luck in Australian Open and always cheer u.
01/12/2006 | 04:02 AM
yer that was a weird defeat 4 roger though im watchin him play against a crotia dude and he's winning by quite a lot. i especially like roger federer's drop backs or wateva u call them. good luck roger federer!
01/12/2006 | 03:48 AM
Roger, sorry about the mean things I just said. But, it will take me a while to get over this loss. Please don't let me down at the Oz.

a ver disappointed, Jeff Nu4
01/12/2006 | 03:44 AM
Its okay rog, JEff Nu4
01/12/2006 | 03:43 AM
rog, you really suck on the tennis court
01/12/2006 | 03:41 AM
u really suck at tennis! Tommy is a worthless piece of shit that doesn't deserve to beat the great roger federer. I can't believe you let this one slip away. Just because the tournament doesn't mean anything doesn't mean you have to play like a h
01/12/2006 | 03:09 AM

oh well. can't win it all i suppose.

I don't care if it's just an "exhibition" match, still want you to win, of course.

Hope your foot is really better.

California, USA
01/12/2006 | 02:56 AM
In Thailand we don't have a chance to see your previous two tournaments, but we all know that you always are the best. It's so strange to hear once in a while that somebody upset you! Will eagerly wait to follow your AO matches and look forward to watch
01/12/2006 | 02:39 AM
That's okay Rogi! What a way to stay optimistic!!! :-)