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Defeat at the Kooyong Classic

11.01.2006 | Tennis

Roger was upset by Tommy Haas at the Kooyong Classic - a warmup tournament for the Australian Open. Haas (GER), ranked No. 41, triumphed 3-6, 6-4, 6-4 in the opening round of the exhibition tournament in Melbourne.


Roger hit 39 unforced errors, against Haas' 30, and produced only two of his 15 winners on the backhand. As the tournament is an invitational it does not count towards the official rankings.


"With all the injuries in men's tennis, I'm just happy to be standing," Roger said. "I'm happy I arrived OK and played through the match without any pain."

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01/12/2006 | 02:01 AM
oh well, its just great that you're healthy.
and no pressure to win anything. at all. =)
you're doing wonderfully!

01/12/2006 | 01:20 AM
Hey Roger

Sorry that you lost the match.
I watched it and was very glad that ur ankle is OK

Good luck today! Ill be watching that match too

God Bless
01/12/2006 | 01:09 AM
It must be weird to think that as of right now 50964 people are sad that you lost a match!!
When you were a little boy and your Mom took you to practice did you ever think that so many people around the world could care what happens to you?
Well, we all
01/12/2006 | 01:00 AM
every you fans don't mind you lose that match.When 2004 you aslo lost the match but some days later you won the AO.When 2005 you won the match,but you lost the AO.So never give up.We all still love you.No one will give up love because of this
01/12/2006 | 12:52 AM
Roger, just stay healthy and do what ever is best so you'll be ready for the Australian Open. Kooyong is just for fun.

Hugs, Pam V. (Tampa, FL)
01/12/2006 | 12:29 AM
Dear Roger,
I am sorry to hear that you have lost, but
I amglad to hear that you are not injured.
Things like this happen, but I always support you and love to watch you play. So be yourself
as always.

Good luck for Australian Open.

01/12/2006 | 12:25 AM
Dear Roger,
Forget the match against Haas. It doesn't count towards the rankings so don't worry. Good Luck for the Aus. Open!
Warmest Wishes, Diana
01/11/2006 | 11:55 PM
Never mind dear Roger, you are the greatest in the world and I am sure that you will get the championship in the Australian Open.
I wish you my best, I love you,
Beatriz Milano
01/11/2006 | 11:49 PM
Hi Roger,
Whether you win or not ..you're the best .. you're so great even when you lose ..don't worry about it . Let's forget it and go to Australian Open ..because that championship is just yours .


01/11/2006 | 11:02 PM
That is only bad luck. I'm sure you can win the Australian Open.