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Defeat at the Kooyong Classic

11.01.2006 | Tennis

Roger was upset by Tommy Haas at the Kooyong Classic - a warmup tournament for the Australian Open. Haas (GER), ranked No. 41, triumphed 3-6, 6-4, 6-4 in the opening round of the exhibition tournament in Melbourne.


Roger hit 39 unforced errors, against Haas' 30, and produced only two of his 15 winners on the backhand. As the tournament is an invitational it does not count towards the official rankings.


"With all the injuries in men's tennis, I'm just happy to be standing," Roger said. "I'm happy I arrived OK and played through the match without any pain."

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01/11/2006 | 10:57 PM
One match lost in an exhibition tournament means nothing. I'm very sure that Roger will be great on the upcoming matches. This might be good for his game, so he can realize where he's failing and how to improve it. We want to see you with the Aus Open tro
01/11/2006 | 10:36 PM
I don´t care.
You need tohave a rest for AO.
I think that it is good, less presure.....
01/11/2006 | 10:13 PM
Dear Roger ,I was stunned to hear you lost against Tommy Haas but I know you are saving up for the big one .Lots of luck in the next one Linda Lou
01/11/2006 | 10:13 PM
dear roger, don´t worry , i understand , it´s good for you, you can see your errors and more prepare for the grand slam, continue, and concentrate, for the next week, kisses.sara
01/11/2006 | 10:04 PM
I hope its just a blip Roger I am really looking forward to you doing well in the Aussie Open. As Nadal and Safin are out the, the title should be yours. So good luck play well and enjoy your game and all your fans will to.
01/11/2006 | 09:36 PM
ah it doesn't matter anyway.
sometime we all forget,that you are a human to.
because you don't play as a human,you're way better!!! :D
greeting alexander
and succes!!
01/11/2006 | 09:20 PM
I'm proud that you're being optimistic about this defeat, Roger, considering that I wasn't so happy about it, lol. However, don't ever be complacent! I'll be cheering you on as always in 2006.

Much love,
Joreen :-D

P.S. Please take care of yourse
01/11/2006 | 09:05 PM
i think it is kinda funny how whenever you lose it is a big upset or a big shocker. after all, you are human (although that is questionable since you are so ridiculously good).

kick assssss at the Aussie Open!!!!!!!! tear them to pieces!!!!
01/11/2006 | 08:49 PM
Hi Roger, well if you're going to lose a match at least it's an exhibition event and doesn't count towards rankings or win/loss records etc. At least you can still play another two matches as a warm up for the aussie open. I am so looking forward to seei
01/11/2006 | 08:47 PM
The greatest glory of all not only consists of falling, but rising once you have fallen. It goes without saying that that test of a mans mettle and determination, lies in his/her ability to rebound from the bitterest of defeats. You have shown on many o