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Poetry Competition

03.03.2006 | Off Court

This week we would like to present you more entries that reached us for the poetry contest. These five made it to the closer selection, congratulations to the artists!








Thought I, he seems like Scaramouch on court.

Not the pusillanimous stage buffoon,

Romanticised by a fully-fledged Granger.

But the hero in disguise, who was taught

To fence and thus avenge his ill fortune;

Epitomised now by master Federer,


The swashbuckling Scaramouch of tennis.

His superior, rapier array,

Heavy with slices of spellbinding wiles,

Flummoxes rivals with his court menace;

Teasing and driving balls spinning, allez!

Deceptive serves are, like guided missiles,


Delivered from the arm of Scaramouch.

Dancing with footwork deadly manoeuvred,

He launches attack and counters offence,

As if unleashed from some divined cartouche,

Writ so that flashy shots, made of silvered

Gold inset with Swiss gems, stream on balance.


To each challenge Scaramouch vows, touché.

And he who pits wits, guile power and flair,

Feels his flourish fully to their downfall.

His, being a game that forces the risqué,

Irresistibly beyond all compare.

From the gentler days and ways of Rosewall,


To Connor's returns and McEnroe's touch;

To Borg's icy 'resistance is futile';

To Agassi's glamour and Sampras serve!

Delights fading; outshone by Scaramouch,

Federer's alias, whose verve and style,

Thrusts the game fizzing to a higher curve.



by Roland Gonzalez-Attwell











Roger Federer,

Symmetry, Grace, Genius,

Tennis perfection.



by Brenda Sullivan








(no title)



First I searched for poetry in my heart,

  but I'm an engineer, so...bah.

Then I believed to see a poem in a n-Code,

  moved like nobody else can do.

But it was not that.

And finally I found it:

  it was the smile of the children of IMBEWU.

  ...and I read Your poem Roger, in the end.



by Michele Rovizzi











L' artiste ne regarde pas, il observe

L' artiste ne pense pas, il crée

L' artiste ne choisit pas, il décide

L' artiste ne se met pas en vue, il capture l'attention


On ne juge pas l'artiste, on l'examine

On ne copie pas l'artiste, on l'imite

On n'apprecie pas l'artiste, on l'admire

On ne parle pas de l'artiste, on l'appelle


Par son nom et son prénom

Roger Federer



par Mattia Boretti








Roger – der Künstler



Künstler ist nur einer, der aus der Lösung ein Rätsel machen kann.

Die Lösung heisst game, set und match!

Ein Rätsel bleibt Roger für die Gegner.



von Gildo da Ros

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03/08/2006 | 09:35 PM
great for you guys... good luck to everybody
03/06/2006 | 02:26 AM
Dear Michelle,
I really like your poem, its beautiful.
Glad it got posted.
:) Blessings.
03/05/2006 | 05:21 PM
Very good! only a word for Roger..( but is it enough?)INCANTEVOLE..Kisses
03/05/2006 | 02:56 AM
All great poems! Congrats everyone!
03/04/2006 | 06:35 PM
I really like Mattia Boretti's poem! Congratulations! To all of them!
03/04/2006 | 09:56 AM
Great.But some poems i can't read it 'cause i can read in English or Thai.
But i know u try to make it so good for who u love or proud .
03/04/2006 | 02:11 AM
Congratulations webteam! You are so kind...
03/03/2006 | 09:35 PM
What a shock when I logged on! This has made my day, to see my poem on the News Page! Thank you very much, Web Team - and Sandie, for your congratulations.
03/03/2006 | 08:28 PM
wow really good poems.. well done guys!
03/03/2006 | 04:26 PM
Outstanding poems! Well done for the artists!
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