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An amazing fan-story

26.03.2006 | Off Court

Silvana Galdi gets to meet Roger


"Working with the book for Roger's b-day was one of the most beautiful experiences I ever had in my life. It was a moment of creativity and a moment to meet new people and find the real meaning of others. [remark: Silvy created a unique book for Roger's birthday]


December is xtmas time and also my b-day anniversary. Around the 15th I got a great surprise. The surprise of my life. Some printed pages that created a small booklet arrived in the mail. The booklet said "Dreams Do Come True, You are being sent on an all expense paid trip to Indian Wells and Miami." I could not react and maybe... thought it was a joke??? No, it was real. It was a present, from some of the friends I made while working on the book.


They got money together for my stay in both tournaments. Its unbelievable! They wanted me to see

Roger, because I never had the chance. Sometimes its hard to believe a friendship that started on an internet site can be so big and strong. I can say, I made 11 friends that are like sisters and have a golden heart. Those are things that happen at Roger's site. Those are things that start as a dream and sometimes, become reality....


I had less than 2 month to prepare everything So I had to get a passport, a visa, ask for my vacations.... and... 2 months later, after a BIG BIG run, I am here, in Indian Wells. Its unbelievable to be here, and see Roger live. Lots of us, fans, have no chance to see him playing live, and I was enjoying the beauty of his game only by TV for years.


I posted at Roger's site about my b-day gift. The reactions were so great. All the fans were happy for my trip. So I accepted to be the one that handles the famous Red Envelope. Finally 1 week ago I arrived to IW, the first tournament and with a BIG mission, to give the Red Envelope to Roger. Leslie and I arrived on the 9th in Indian Wells. The 10th of March, we saw Roger after an interview and he was walking signing autographs... and I came to him.. This is for you. He

smiled!. I introduced myself and we spoke for some minutes. Leslie took a picture and I did the same for her. The next day we saw him practicing with Tony and Yves. Again, after the practice, Roger went directly to a long row of fans and signed each of us an autograph. Incredible. I also could talk to him for some minutes. All the fans were happy!


On the 13th I went to my first match... ready to shout for my fave tennis person and player.  With a red hat that says GO ROGER, A big argentine flag saying VAMOS ROGER and my name and country, and a Swiss shirt and Roger related shirts. I had the time of my life.. and I am still having it... writing reports to Roger fans, taking pics to share with them, rooting for Roger as loud as possible, to make up for all the years I could only shout at the TV, and spending some great time with my dear friend Leslie, her husband and meeting Roger fans all over the tennis center.


On the 24th I arrive to Miami and I'll meet some of the other people that helped to make my dream come true. We call ourselves the FED SISTERS. We are looking forward to having a great time there and meeting each other for the first time, rooting for Roger and letting our friendships grow and grow.


Thanks for making this dream a reality. Thanks to Leslie and Tommy, to my other FED SISTERS, to mom, and to Roger.


Hope to meet you soon..


Thanks for this unforgettable experience.




Silvana Daniela Galdi

Buenos Aires




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07/09/2006 | 05:38 AM
hi SiLvana! wHat a gReat eXpEriEnCe! yOur sO LuCkY! i eNvY yOu! hUhUhU i wiSh iLL hAvE tHe cHanCe tO mEeT rOgEr tOo! wAh! sO pRoUd tO bE rOgEr'S fAn! ;-)
05/31/2006 | 09:44 AM
lucky u!!!!!!!!!!
04/03/2006 | 07:07 PM
mmm, what a touching, wonderful story. i got teary. it sounds like you are much loved. i can't think of a better way to go through life! thank you for sharing the experience.
04/03/2006 | 06:50 PM
This dream is coming to an end. I was in 2 tournaments, I saw him champion 2 times, I had a great time with Leslie, I could meet my other sisters and also, knew other rf.com fans, some incredible people.
The cherry on the icing was to meet Roger after
04/03/2006 | 12:28 AM
Silvy! recien veo tu historia. Estoy con las lagrimas a full!!!. Sabia de tu viaje, yo tb mande mi mensaje para la RE y sabia de tu trabajo con el libro, pero no que tus FEd SIsters te habian regalado el viaje.

sin palabras.
uno tiene
04/02/2006 | 09:28 PM
wow congrats silivana
04/02/2006 | 09:28 PM
wow congrats silivana u deserved it
04/02/2006 | 08:14 PM
te vi en la tele con la bandera de argentina y dije: que suerte que tiene esa chica!!!!!!!!!!!! estuviste creo que esn todos los partidos de roger. bueno, te felicito por haberlo conocido!!!!!!!!
04/02/2006 | 04:30 AM
hi silvy

once again i did see you @ IW flag . cheer roger for all of us . i will be watching him on tv this time
and of course ur flaq
love the name fed sisters

take care

04/01/2006 | 06:43 PM
It's unbelievable!!! you're the most lucky human in the world!!! My dream is to Play a set whit roger!! who can make it real for me!!
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