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Adolf Ogi visits IMBEWU

28.04.2006 | Foundation

Adolf Ogi, former president of the Federal Council of Switzerland and now Special Adviser on Sport for Development and Peace for the United Nations, visited the IMBEWU project in South Africa. IMBEWU, active in the townships of Port Elizabeth in South Africa, is supported by the Roger Federer Foundation. Mr. Ogi took the time to see for himself what the impacts of the organisation are, during a 4-day tour of South Africa, upon invitation by the South African Minister of Sports.


Mr. Ogi spent his day visiting the different projects IMBEWU runs in the townships. He encouraged everyone involved to try to help by means of sports - above all through the cooperation with the Roger Federer Foundation.

He had lunch with the children at their cantine at Ndzondelelo High School. Before learning a traditional dance he animated the kids present to "take their future into their own hands, to grow to the leaders of tomorrow by education, culture and sports. Sport represents the best school of life, permitting to commit errors and learn from them - without consequences."


Adolf Ogi finished his stay by planting a 'tree of hope' close to the sportsground NIKE and the Roger Federer Foundation had inaugurated this year.

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03/04/2007 | 11:08 PM
Thanks for supporting the kids to "take their future into their own hands by education, culture and sports"
You are bringer of freedom for all of us
We love you Roger
11/14/2006 | 03:54 AM
one more reason why roger is a renaissance man - someone who can inspire the humanity in others...
11/02/2006 | 08:31 PM
Hi Roger!!

You're the best!!!!
you're very friendly!!!good luck!!!
bye bye
07/13/2006 | 11:45 AM
That's the most important reason why I love him!
05/04/2006 | 04:51 AM
Very well!
Excellent that but and but people becomes jumbled in as beautiful projects as this.
05/03/2006 | 07:19 AM
this is very good work done by roggi..
keep up the good work...
05/01/2006 | 09:43 AM
It's Federer Foundation that help the youngster in this part of South Africa to find their dreams through sports. He is one who not only excel as an indivudual, he helps less fortuante groups to grow. This is why we all love you and support you, Roger. We
04/30/2006 | 03:59 PM
wat the hell has this got to do wit federer?
04/30/2006 | 01:31 PM
Yes, I am most glad that Mr. Ogi visited Imbewu and supported this great cause!

I am absolutely sure there with be a South African Tennis Open soon and many of these kids from Imbewu could well play in it!

Thanks Roger for your support.
04/30/2006 | 09:10 AM
Mr Ogi, you hit the ball on the line, sports teach many good and serious things about life. The celebrities, endorsements and individual egoes must be seen as just one part, but not the most essential part of it all...
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