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Forbes Celebrity 100

29.06.2010 | Off Court

Roger has once again made it into Forbes magazine’s most powerful celebrities list. He is ranked 29th in this year's edition of the "Forbes Celebrity 100", the annual ranking of the most powerful celebrities in movies, television, sports and publishing. Factors that are taken into account are income, Google hits, press clips and magazine covers.


Oprah Winfrey heads the list with Beyonce Knowles in second place. Roger lies inbetween LeBron James and Brad Pitt.

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07/09/2010 | 11:26 PM
Well done Roger I wish that all young men were like you,your parents deserve a medal for bringing you up properly.Keep up the good work and believing in yourself because you are the best.
07/09/2010 | 03:25 PM
umm...ppl....? who else but our roger??? it HAS 2 b him in dat list ;) roger...v dont need dis 2 show us who's d best!!! v all noe der r only 3 ppl deserving dis post...U, U and U ;)!!! pls get enuf rest...tc..n dont forget..ur fans luv u d most!!! u r d
07/09/2010 | 11:51 AM
u r the best on and off the court......come back to number 1.........u deserve it. love u and mirka............ROGER ROCKS 4 ever...........
07/09/2010 | 06:26 AM
The Federer express should number one in tennis, thats what we know and believe in. No. 3? no way please come back. I cannot stand Nadal and Novak to one and two? are killing me? Please Mirka Encourage him to come back to his comfortable number one. d
07/09/2010 | 06:20 AM
Congratulations roger, but we still need you to win more grandslams. the world of tennis is empty without you. I hate Nadal I am thinking Nadal and Novak? No way, Please come back. You a lot to deal with right now please focus for us
07/08/2010 | 06:47 AM
congrats champ
07/08/2010 | 04:04 AM
Congratulations,Roger.It's a great news.
07/07/2010 | 03:49 AM
Roger, Congratulations! while some Idiots still talking about Wimbledon... here You go again, how wonderful we have people like you that shine around the world showing us the beauty of acomplishment. Rest and get ready for the twins first birthday, and co
07/06/2010 | 07:42 PM
This is what you're meant to be! We love you forever!
07/06/2010 | 06:07 PM
Roger You are The Best
You have a lot of peple love
i love you very much
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